CashNasty Vs Brawadis Game To 11 Sneak Peek!

CashNasty Vs Brawadis Game To 11 Sneak Peek!

Brawadis Vs Cash Game to 11 Saturday June 20 Sneek Peak
@R2bball on IG & Tik Tok

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90 Responses

  1. Ryan Razooky says:

    We’re so close to 100k subs guys I’m very very thankful!! Enjoy the vids. They are going to drop the the full 1v1 and Cash was nice enough to play defense during Jahzare’s workout but he’ll post the full 1v1 it was surprisingly a close game 👀 Enjoy & make sure to sub!!

  2. Khalil Salameh says:

    Who ever birthed jahzeer must have had a long 9 months 😂

  3. Donovan Harvey says:

    Brawadis loses: My Back😭
    Cash loses: My hamstring 😭
    Tbh they both got an excuse if they lose

  4. Zach .amschl says:

    Cash shoot like he got a backpack on😂

  5. Adrian Salinas says:

    Is Flight ever coming back? It looks like he’s still mad

  6. Koosem says:

    Whenever Jah loose that extra weight he gon have bounce 😬

  7. Dominick Rossi says:

    I’ve never seen cash get bullied in the paint son much like this

  8. Addison Adams says:

    Tell me why Brawwdis wears the same thing every time we see him in a basketball video

  9. mommatoldme says:

    if jay had Mikey energy, he’d be absolutely horrific.

  10. JuniorHas0IQ says:

    I already know cash is gonna over use his muscle and just push him the whole game lol😂😂

  11. Alejandro A says:

    Flight lost his coach to everyone🤦🏽‍♂️💀


    Imagine Cash And Flight Vs Brawadis and Rug

  13. T Money says:

    Ryan is the goat , and even more of a goat for playing Trapped In The Sun and Posted With Demons by future ! 😂

  14. _ UlTrA_pHiLLiP says:

    Why is Ryan’s channel so underrated 🤷‍♂️

    • TysonRN says:

      _ UlTrA_pHiLLiP coz it’s not him your really here for. Most ppl here for the ppl he working with. No hate. And then in terms of his tutorials (they’re sick) however when he plays 1 on 1s he don’t input the very things he teaching us. Makes him look off. No hate

  15. LateNightLukas says:

    Gotta give Ryan his credit, he is on the come up for sure 💯

  16. lilchup says:

    Someone start a gofundme page for a extension for his gym 🤔

  17. itsmekalya says:

    Cash looks like ricky jerret from the series ballerzz like if u agree lol!!

  18. Maya says:

    i think brandon won cause he was out partying after the game just assuming

  19. Draft Family says:

    When Ryan’s channel is huge just remember we’re the og’s

  20. Saltee says:

    Y isn’t brawadis pressing him 🤦🏽‍♂️ he’s letting him get down in the paint

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