Casting Detective Pikachu

Casting Detective Pikachu

You should have seen the audition room when we were done….

#DetectivePikachu tickets are now on sale:

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52 Responses

  1. El Dude says:

    AAAHH!! My goodness squirtle’s little bubble burp was so cute

  2. What's that supposed to mean? says:

    Can’t wait for someone to catch Arceus, the actual God of Pokémon, with a Master Ball and just go ham at the end of the movie

  3. Justin Arney says:

    ok Torterra definitely the coolest design so far and it gets like half a sec 1:01

  4. TeamPBZ says:

    Gawd, waiting for this movie is suffering, there’s so much love into these models. I already want a sequel.

  5. R3n3gad3 says:

    *theatres giving away cards for anybody seeing the movie*

    Okay, you sold me on the nostalgia!

    • João Abegão says:

      First time I remember going to the movies with my parents roughly 20 years ago I got one promotional card. I think it was an Electabuzz

    • Guilherme Duarte Manfredi says:

      +Mate397 where do you live? Here in Brazil we usually don’t have this things, but in the I Choose You! movie, we had a special Ash’s Pikachu card

    • Thewafflegaming says:

      Thayer giving out Pokémon cards for seeing a movie?

    • Guilherme Duarte Manfredi says:

      +Thewafflegaming ye

    • Mate397 says:

      +Guilherme Duarte Manfredi Hungary. I don’t recall getting cards when I went to theatrical Pokémon movies so I’ll assume this will be the same.

  6. Ldrago36321 says:

    ever since i was a little kid i always imagined what would it look like if pokemon were real… this is it chief this is exactly how id picture it this is ART

  7. Ƒɑí†հ 2019 says:

    *I. LOVE. THIS. SO. MUCH.*
    Ryan Reynolds you have no idea how happy you make my life. Thank you for existing ?

  8. Galactic Chicken says:

    Torterra looks badass! This movie is gonna be good!

  9. Chance Green says:

    Anyone else notice how Charizard stands in his signature pose from all the art.
    You’ve gotta love the little things.

  10. dreddheaddotaku says:

    I fear no man.
    But that thing…
    *realistic Loudred appears*
    It scares me.

  11. Juan S says:

    That Magikarp will swim in their blood when it evolves…

  12. Yuri Helal says:


  13. Team Dusk says:


  14. Lebron James says:

    The way Psyduck said Psyduck is so adorable like holy shit

    • Apollo says:

      Lebron James Hey Lebron

    • Yamsthepotatoking says:

      +sandywolfr26 the cries are iconic shut your mouth

    • Nicolle says:

      sandywolfr26 are u telling me you’d rather have a voice actor saying “kricketune” than the iconic cry “dillidillidiliiwooOOOOOOP”

    • kyle williams says:

      sandywolfr26 Only reason Pokemon even say their name is for recognition and learning them. The games treats them as monsters as they should and it would be weird to hear them say their name tbh.

    • Gregory Blood says:

      +sandywolfr26 Creatures saying their names is stupid, and stems largely from anime writers not trusting their fans to remember the Pokemon’s names if they aren’t saying them constantly. That kind of condescending outlook towards your fanbase is the last thing the games need.

  15. Dead-Bunny Official Channel says:

    Man I want to know what Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble looks like In live action.

  16. Joseph Womer says:

    I loved seeing that Squirtle blowing the bubble and wanting to chase after it.

  17. Janbert Guerrero says:

    Hey also forgot a descripion about Charizard:

    “Is not a dragon”

    • Michael Blue says:

      Janbert Guerrero possibly they got his mega evolution confused with his base form. I know when he turns into the dark charizard, he becomes dragon/fire or flying dragon.

    • Laser Beacon says:

      +Michael Blue Nah he is a dragon but he just isn’t dragon type. Mega Charizard X is a fire dragon type but I very much doubt they put dragon in there based off of that. He is based off of a dragon. I mean he ain’t a dinosaur.

  18. vargen1414 says:

    Mewtwo looked real like as in,i thought i could reach out and touch the Labratory Tube

  19. Kt Pearl says:

    JigglyPuff has always been my favorite Pokémon since the first time I watched the series and I’m so glad they made it even cuter omfg thank you ???☺️

  20. Nathan L says:

    Calling it now, Magikarp will kill Mewtwo by using Splash over and over again

    Meanwhile no one will notice that they have an EXP share activated

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