Casting Mirror Polished Brass Ball from Molten Brass (Japanese Aluminium Foil Ball Sequel)

Casting Mirror Polished Brass Ball from Molten Brass (Japanese Aluminium Foil Ball Sequel)

In this video i’m casting a mirror polished brass ball from molten brass shells.
This video was requested A LOT after i published the Mirror Polished Japanse Aluminium Foil Ball video which i made from molten aluminium foil.

So here it is ! 🙂

I hope you like the video, and if you have any other good ideas like this one, please let me know in the comments!

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59 Responses

  1. MASL says:

    He kept on polishing the Brass Ball for more than three hours…i mean look at his dedication…

    • Iggy Nunzi says:

      I appreciate it, I never insulted anyone or meant to do so. I intended to say that your comment is completely gratuitous as it’s expected of him to put time and effort into something that provides him with the money he needs to feed himself and his family. Whilst his commitment is admirable, everybody realises it and it is useless of you to comment this.

    • Radj Macarambon says:

      +CSA Chevaux sans abri LOL😂😂😂

    • MASL says:

      CSA Chevaux sans abri I agree but continuosly for more than three hours is not a easy thing…

    • Alisha Ghori Vlogs says:

      MASL ya

    • Anime Dynasty says:

      Then there are people, like this iggy nunzi guy, who go into others’ comment just to reply something mean and adding “tbh” in it

  2. ROBO66 says:

    i love the speed up sound of the hammer

  3. Stylish Bacha says:

    Can u guys see the rainbow when he was using his water shower

  4. MICAH - says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find these videos satisfying? Like if you agree

  5. Commodore Killer says:

    Great vid! Could you do a C64 logo

  6. Swishh says:

    Please don’t skip before the revel of the final form it’s the most satisfying part

  7. TheRed Round says:

    I love that sound when you compact the sand

  8. Ayaan Faras anims says:

    How much do u have to clean after ur work?! 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Bill Woo says:

    This channel’s videos are both soothing and motivating. The host’s politeness and humbleness while he performs such “coolness” is even more impressive. I’m pretty sure that the downvoters (I should say, the jealous downvoters) don’t appreciate that aspect. He’s not a cocky showoff. He’s just doing cool stuff, and sharing the experience. He even acts on viewer suggestions. How cool is that!!

  10. Bill Woo says:

    One of the great things about these videos is the intelligent use of fast-play on long time monotonous actions, and skipping to the next step, both after showing what’s being done first at regular speed. I find this editing effort both makes much more engrossing videos, and regard the effort to do that as respectful of MY time in watching. Meanwhile the host spends many hours doing the subjects, and then more time editing. Lots of hard work – that *pays off.* I love it. Love it!

  11. TheFvckinGod. says:

    These kind of videos are relaxing

  12. Tim Lundqvist says:

    Bulletball uses brass casings

  13. WAKAGASHIRA says:

    Rainbow at 6.27 wonderful!

  14. Jaimme Pineda says:

    Wow im new here and I love the way that you included your country in your intro

  15. ♥ OtakuNewbie ♥ says:

    Well thank you for the precision about the water, I’m sorry for my last comment but I’m reassured now and happy to see that you think about mother nature, keep up the good work 💪(nice rainbow by the way !! xD)
    … I secretly hope you’ll give one of these mirror ball as a giveaway like the golden egg !!😊

    • Marius Haugen says:

      ♥ OtakuNewbie ♥ I disnt see it, what did it say?

    • ♥ OtakuNewbie ♥ says:

      My last comment ? I thought he was using running water so I recommended him to use a box or something like this to cool down his metal and avoid the wasting of water xD

  16. Killer Mode28 says:

    I wonder how he gets all of the bullets from… 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  17. OscarZGS says:

    Ik ben ook een BEAR

  18. Ironic Youth says:

    Now do one with filled bullets

  19. Imtiaz Matab gaming says:

    I can see your face a little bit

  20. Jayden X says:

    Hallo like de Nederlanders!

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