Casting Rey | The Force Awakens Bonus Features

Casting Rey | The Force Awakens Bonus Features

How did Daisy Ridley get her part in the UK’s biggest film of all time? Learn more about her powerful audition for The Force Awakens

Bring the Force home! The Force Awakens is available on digital download on April 11 (UK) and on Blu-ray and DVD on April 18 (UK). Pre-order here:

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20 Responses

  1. Dylan Peralez says:

    Daisy ridly is an amazing actor with talent .?

  2. Dhinesh V says:

    I’d marry her so hard

  3. dwight green says:

    Smh, I sent in my audition tape and they turned me down at least let me
    play the black guy’s cousin.

  4. RisingAssassin says:


  5. Stupid Banana says:



  6. Allan Serrano says:

    I love daisy ridley she is so talented.

  7. 171QA says:

    I thought she was amazing. She’s my new favorite star wars character.

  8. GiggleSkull says:

    I thought she was excellent as Rey. Such a good job.
    I hope she has successful career

  9. Duh Enlightened One says:

    Is her mother Princess Leia and her brother is Kylo Ren and her uncle is
    Luke Skywalker?

  10. Philip Metz says:


  11. michaelbdbb says:

    this shit is funny watching grown people pretending to be other people Lol

  12. Ethan Andrade says:

    man this girl would’ve made a great rey in the force awakens!! what
    happened to her??

  13. Asaad Saran says:

    Daisy Ridley can you sit on my face?

  14. Blackguy UK says:


  15. sk8ergirlmexicana says:

    This comment section tho…. Like damn… Calm yo tits.. It’s just a
    movie.. I watched it, it was great, Daisy did amazing, and those who
    disagree can go enjoy Anakin and Jar Jar Binks with George.

  16. jalen Rosete says:

    I’d definitely hit that

  17. kristy purple says:


  18. tony nguyen says:

    how her tears came out her eyes so easily scared me

  19. Dyllan Duran says:

    So at 0:08 that person in the corner who I’m assuming is Rey looks an awful
    lot like Luke…

  20. Hammer Monkey (Hammeredmonkey) says:

    I’m going to marry her.