Casually Explained: America

Casually Explained: America

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50 Responses

  1. GabeSweats says:

    jamie finally remembered his youtube password no way

  2. GenerationWest says:

    “North and South can agree on one thing: Black People Should Be Free.”
    One of the greatest lines of dialogue i’ve ever heard. An S tier level banger.

  3. This is a terrible argument, but says:

    “There are other countries in the world besides America”
    We truly live in a time of misinformation

    • Penderyn Lewsyn says:

      America isnt a nation… its a name for continents

    • John Quinn says:

      @Edgelord-senpai Not every American are the same, talk to the Southern American I’m a Northern American no shame in my game.

    • Josh Groban says:

      @Penderyn Lewsyn No America is a sandwich lmfao blind ass,

    • Edgelord-senpai says:

      @John Quinn People always have to get technical, oftentimes “American” is used interchangeably with “US citizen”. If you’re from Brazil, you don’t call yourself a South American, you call yourself Brazilian. It’s referring to your home country, not your continent…

    • This is a terrible argument, but says:

      @Penderyn Lewsyn no it isn’t, actually. The continents are called North America and South America, and are referred to collectively as the Americas. There is no singular continent or set of continents called America

  4. Aloha Forever says:

    Damn. That joke of how the deaths went from 500k to 550k to 583k is so subtle yet so good

  5. happsk says:

    I love how every depiction of america is basically just texas, while Minnesota is basically canada with more guns.

    • Vash The Stampede says:

      @hollowpoint372 it’s really not if you live in the twin cities. It’s nothing like Canada. Most the population lives in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul

    • Penderyn Lewsyn says:

      15,000 years of Native American culture and history casually ignored!

      Bum dum tish!! 😂

    • Help I'm in hell says:

      Wisconsin is just as much of a mess

    • Evertheoptimist says:

      @brainplay I work with several Somali families here in the city and they’re literally my favorite clients. They’re unreasonably nice for what they’ve been through, and the kids I know are rambunctious but they listen, and honestly I’m more scared of middle aged white helicopter mom with an a-line cut more than anything. Minnesotans being nice is a lie, especially in how they treat educators like their children are incapable of wrong doing and any effort to say “you need to talk to your son about his behavior or he’s getting banned” and suddenly they’re calling the regional manager and cussing you out.

      So anyways, the Somali are not the problem here.

    • bob w says:

      @Penderyn Lewsyn Ignored by whom? No one ignores it. We just acknowledge that cultures that never developed the wheel didnt really make a lasting impact.
      Niche college degrees and individuals desire to claim any bit of “heritage” to make themselves feel unique notwithstanding.

  6. The Groovy Guitar Dude says:

    2:32 Ooof, BEAUTIFUL delivery 😂

  7. After Skool says:

    If twitter disappeared today, tomorrow would be a better day.

    • Alestiiidae [no_last] says:

      It’s cool to see you in the wild

    • Fredrico Mustache says:

      And facebook

    • MindSET says:

      This guy is a legend guys. Follow his channel.

    • Mr.Generalissimo says:

      No, this is not something that you want to do. Why do you think Twitter is so toxic and a progressive hellhole? A large part of the reason is because Tumblr died and every Tumblr people went to Twitter. Now, Twitter was still pretty bad before that, but it wasn’t as infamous. The problem is that in terms of social visibility, Twitter is far more influential than Tumblr on society.

      Anyways, think of Twitter as containment. A leftist 4chan, so to speak, without any of the funny memes but with some good art instead (though, Pixiv is still better for that).

    • R Moodz says:

      Don’t think Twitter is the problem 😳

  8. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Dad finally came back with the milk.

  9. kopr says:

    Damn I felt bad for that one guy with the home grown tomatos, he just wanted to say that he’s happy that everyone liked them ;(

  10. Shawn Wasabi says:


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