Casually Explained: Behind the Scenes

Casually Explained: Behind the Scenes

Worried this isn’t funny and people will think I’m a doof after watching the video. Thankfully I disabled the comments.
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20 Responses

  1. RealationGames says:

    I can understand that people like GradeAunderA, CasuallyExplained and Bill
    Gates do this when they get 0.6B$ per video, but there are thousands of
    people that do this shit and get 20-100 views all year long…

  2. Josh says:

    Like first, watch second

  3. iJplay says:

    Ohh shit, I’m early! Let me think of a joke

    Women’s rights

  4. Gumnar Stephan says:

    This video is great, you must’ve put 3-4 hours of work into this!

  5. ______ says:

    I feel like you make a lot of jokes and your content is good but your life
    seems sad. I feel bad for you honestly.

  6. Lord Chanka says:

    amazing how this guy gets philosophical without intending it.

  7. Nataly RAW says:

    what does his real life face look like?

  8. morgengabe1 says:

    Have you ever thought of doing stand up?

  9. Daniel Carvalho says:

    Why doesn’t he have more subscribers ?

  10. AshesAndSketches says:

    0:45 Fuck you, you made me laugh and spit my drink all over my keyboard >:c

  11. Klyie Jenner says:

    shit in unemployed. I’d love to make some drawing vids too and get millions
    of views

  12. Nathan Gonzalez says:

    #12 on trending, congrats my dude!

  13. ModFox says:

    You should use premier pro… It makes editing faster than in after effects
    and it’s a bit more organized

  14. Pg Drew says:

    Lol how is this trending?

  15. Another Awkward Cosplayer says:

    I love you so much! ????❤️?❤️?

  16. Shakes McTremens says:

    self deprecation may be your family’s thing, but your video on heat/latest
    mix tape was big time sick.. funny as nuts all the way thru, and that punch
    at the end, outta nowhere — feckin floored me.. so good i had to jump up
    in a victory salute while i was turning blue from laughter

  17. Abbey Hollamd says:

    can u do casually explained: the us election

  18. ninja of fire says:

    could someone explain how Donald Trump won

  19. AtLeastITried says:

    Don’t use after effects fore videos like this. Use premiere. I use it for
    my videos.

  20. tech inc says:

    I love this guy. I love him.. seriously, I love him.

    Btw I’m not gay..

    but I love him