Casually Explained: Being Healthy

Casually Explained: Being Healthy

the weakest of wills require the strongest of hearts. Thank you Sam for big leg joke that I stole without asking.
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79 Responses

  1. Bodhi Geraci says:

    Wait wtf, did you just bamboozle me into watching an educational video?????

  2. Pedro Mesquita says:

    Ngl, every time I skip breakfast I feel like I’m starving and usually resort to cannibalism throughout the morning.

  3. Nobody Important says:

    I love how you basically went over my entire four months in a nutrition course at OSU within eight minutes. Way to reassure me that it was needlessly stretched out.

  4. manoart says:

    “In the 7 years they are going to the gym, they only made 2 years worth of progress” … ouch, that hit harder, than I would like to admit

  5. Sofia Astrakhan says:

    More accurate than 95% of insta “nutritionists” out there lol

    • broderick kurtz says:

      I wish dietitians had a license to bitch slap anyone who identifies as a “nutritionist”.

  6. レイ·ライト -Raylight says:

    Finally a great reason to wake up at noon!
    *_Intermittent fasting_*

  7. Watch Viking says:

    That blueberry trick was handy. Thanks!

    • Rui Li says:

      Didn’t get it. What does it mean? What’s the correlation with “senzu bean”?

    • avataraarow says:

      Rui Li senzu beans in dragon ball essentially magically heal any non-fatal injury or exhaustion by eating them (not sure if you’re familiar with dragon ball or not so I figured I’d preface with that). Since blueberries are one of the supposed super foods which cleanse your body of toxins, he’s saying one blueberry will drain all the alcohol out of you working it’s magic like the super food it is

  8. Austin Johnson says:

    ‘I’m intermittent fasting, but really I just woke up at noon’= My diet

  9. Anastasius says:

    “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is not a health advice, it’s a marketing slogan.

    • Andres Torres says:

      Julian B. Zacco Nievas You’re insulting my mother, Sandra, and I don’t like it?

    • Grandsome says:

      Maybe, but it does definitely reduce the murder rate between 6-12AM.

    • Matt Johnston says:

      I haven’t eaten breakfast in almost 20 years.

    • Aaron Heych says:

      @UC4CP5iUpGSM7oLbwmWjeUqQ you’re just wrong lmao

    • Manoroth Pit Lord Extraordinaire says:

      I would say if you have a strenuous job or do a lot of physical activity throughout the day, breakfast likely is the most important meal of the day. I do landscaping 50 hours per week and feel like total dog shit when I don’t eat something substantial in the morning

  10. Shane Lewis says:

    when a comedy channel has a better grasp on health than 90% of instagram health gurus and “influencers.”

  11. Nathan Williams says:

    Huh that woman at the end looks familar…wait I lied never seen her in my life

  12. Tet UnOffensive says:

    You forgot about that one weird trick fitness experts hate

  13. frigidprincess says:

    So, my takeaway of this video is that having a couple vodka shots in my latte is A-Okay! ??

  14. James Walrath says:

    Can you send this to the USDA? They’re a bit under-educated.

  15. Blue Fingers says:

    3:10 “So say you wanted to get thick ’cause it’s 2019…”


  16. Paraskanava22 says:

    this is amazing. years of people arguing about this kind of stuff, hours of different explanations and misinformation about nutrition and health vs one casual boi. Everything explained accurately without bullshit and with comedy. phenomenal stuff.

  17. Steven Matthews says:

    I’m flabbergasted by the huge amount of accurate information on this video.

  18. Brian says:

    I would go to the gym more often, but I’m worried that all of my hair will fall out and every time I fight a super-villain it will only take one punch and I will never experience a challenge again.

  19. Rhys B says:

    I’m convinced Casually Explained is actually CGP Grey, but stoned

  20. Virgin1008 says:

    “No matter how much you think you’re an anime protagonist, it’s just not gonna happen (getting big).”

    Hit me right in the Jojos.

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