Casually Explained: Body Language

Casually Explained: Body Language

After a bit of a hiatus I am back! Hope you guys are still around.
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20 Responses

  1. Square Squid Studios says:

    “Jerk off their dog” …. lul~

  2. Mry64 says:

    Needed this the day before school starts. Thank you!

  3. Adrian Fuertes says:

    Download Grindr

  4. Jake M. says:

    You really do need to be above a 7 though, if you are just slightly less
    hot (not even a 6, like a 6.5) you get stuck in this limbo where some girls
    will be okay with you hanging around them and some will be super
    uncomfortable. I find that height is the leading factor here.
    Oh and if you’re gay don’t worry, you’ll have meaningless sex all the time
    and be dramatically unsatisfied with life even if you are a two.

  5. Nothingman76 says:

    Here is another quick tip: If your penis is inside her and she is crying
    then you better hurry up.
    You’re welcome.

  6. 4e34e545e345w3 says:

    What if you’re above ten? Won’t I bend the time and space?

  7. anan bob says:

    Ladies I’m a 6.9, please subscribe…

  8. CM thepanda says:

    anyone else paused at 2:19 to read everything?

  9. Panther says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long….and it was worth it :)

  10. Leo Schonberger says:

    Nice videos! Your going to blow up big time!

  11. Mr93Suki says:

    I love this channel 😀
    Can you crossover with exub1a? :D

  12. Toby Emge (WooperMC) says:

    one of the check boxes on step 3 just says “yes”

  13. ChanelDarkSide says:

    He is going front page as always

  14. Nazeem says:

    is this actually cgp grey???

  15. Kal says:

    How doesn’t this guys have more than 1 mill subs

  16. Dinner With Maddie says:

    Comic genius. Pause it and read section 3 on the checklist. Hilarious!

  17. DJProdigee says:

    I was wondering why grindr was the ad before this video

  18. jack richard says:

    Looks like we finally got an origin story.

  19. Scott A says:

    Being ugly is such a nuisance. Jaw surgery + hair systems or death.

  20. Dios del Tamal says:

    I love you.