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20 Responses

  1. Veperd says:

    I’m sexually attracted to that stick figure

  2. Vivid Suicide says:

    Who is this cute lesbian and how tight is his pussy

  3. Neon Markov says:

    “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches” Love that phrase. In Spain we
    say something similar; “El que vale vale, y el que no, para ADE” which
    would translate to “He who is talented, is. He who isn’t studies Business

  4. SpoilThatSong says:

    Hey CasuallyExplained…wanna go out?

    There’s one you can add to your scoreboard!

  5. Caesar Belisarius says:

    What happened to Natalie Dormer? #BringBackNatalie

  6. Tim Thelning says:

    slam poetry night

    “Oh man this stool sure is flimsy, now all we need is a rope”

  7. moXon460 says:

    Women Studies, Hands on project… I see what you did there

  8. superkaboose1066 says:

    I’ve actually been approached by more gay guys than woman, lift your game

  9. sir piggerlottle says:

    Your giving actual advice? What planet am i living on?

  10. PauLtus B says:

    A girl actually approached me once. I panicked.

  11. beachballer says:

    okay so step 1 buy a puppy.

  12. Ricky says:

    If you see a girl at a bar, leave her there.

  13. proudnoob124 says:

    #1 reason why women will never step up to break the double standard of
    approaching someone you’re interested in: it doesn’t benefit them and
    requires courage.

  14. VortexFX says:

    I’ve had sex with 10 times as many girls as you… 0x10 = 0

  15. Cyranek says:

    I always go with, “ayy girl, wanna see my youtube channel?”

  16. U Wot M8 says:

    Remember to tip your fedora and call her M’lady.

  17. Triumvirate888 says:

    I prefer to go with the Pokemon Trainer approach: carry around a bunch of
    bugs with you and don’t let girls pass until they agree to fight you.

  18. Dom Spiegel says:

    Then she Falsely accuse you of Rape because she changed her mind After sex.

  19. Larry (TalentLacking) says:

    Me: “Titanic.”
    Them: “What?”
    Me: “Sorry, that wasn’t a very good icebreaker.”

    jk I would never think of this in a moment of awkward silence nor would I
    speak to them in general

  20. jesseg1699 says:

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You also miss 99.9% of the shots
    you do take cause you suck at basketball and talking to girls but thats ok.