Casually Explained: Casually Explained

Casually Explained: Casually Explained

Can’t roast perfection.

Not the regular content, but I enjoyed making it a lot and planned out the next 4 or 5 videos so that’s great – stay tuned
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20 Responses

  1. ItsYou... says:

    this is so meta

  2. simon629DK says:

    91 percent male viewers and 9,2 percent female viewers. That’s a total of
    100,2 percent. Can someone casually explain that?

  3. Cosm0s says:

    Wait, I wipe back to front…

  4. Eddef says:

    Make one Formally Explained for the April 1st, 2017. See, I’m giving you a
    DATE ;)

  5. lachlan fountain says:

    casually explain mums.plz respond

  6. Christian Morales says:

    Uhhh, I classify as, neither a male nor female, but an apache attack

  7. farhan alam says:

    91% male and 9.2% female? That doesnt add up right

  8. Gumball says:

    I want Casually Explained x Exurb1a porn RIGHT NOW.

  9. John Carrel says:

    Anyone else see the Exurb1a reference?

  10. NotJustMeowth says:

    This YouTube channel speaks to my soul

  11. Mykaila Reynen says:

    He sounds like George (FF)

  12. iAxX says:

    Oh shit I might’ve played SC2 with you at some point. When did you stop

  13. MrTea says:

    So this is where ActionJesuz disappeared to…

  14. Jaskbi says:

    Bro you dont need more subscribers if you are consistently hitting 500k
    more views than your subscriber-ship

  15. BestofVanWylder says:

    who the heck is meta and why is he talking to my grilfrin=end

  16. Nishan Pantha says:

    Casually Explained : Youtube Comments

  17. marcus lindsey says:

    who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy

  18. lin2k4 says:

    What race you play?

  19. Will C says:


  20. Adoniss “Adoniss” says:

    this is so funny ughhhhh