Casually Explained: Evolution

Casually Explained: Evolution

Although first published in the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in 1859, the theory has gone through many small changes to become what it is today.

Ok, real talk for a second. I owned Ducks when I was a kid and they’re super dumb. But the worst thing is it’s like they’re proud of it too. Like our ducks use to lay eggs and literally forget where they laid them and when you tried to say “hey chad, your nest is over there you dumb duck” they don’t give a shit and peck at your shoelaces because they’ve forgotten why they’re there and just want bread crumbs.

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20 Responses

  1. Jonathan Santorino says:

    Evolution is for idiots.. this channel is garbage

  2. PROMOH'S DREAM says:

    10/10 would bang

  3. Queen Victoria says:

    Why do some people think evolution is true when there is no 100% evidence
    or witness to it. there is not even a history book of it like the bible yet
    some atheist want to call religious people idiots. let’s say if evolution
    is even true then how did it come to be?

  4. HockeyWorldWide 2 says:

    i always knew that god was a snot nosed asshole kid with a gameboy, now its

  5. Tyler Wallace says:

    God created different kinds. flying creatures, creatures in the sea…
    humans. the bible supports variation wthin a species. but a slug turning
    into a victoria secret model over millions of years is simply unfounded and
    foolish. original pokemon trainer speaking

  6. Gaming Freedom says:

    1:57 the picture appearing and disappearing says 8years later still

  7. Ein Teh Scrub says:

    I only subscribed because of that pokémon reference at the end

  8. Luffy Power says:

    we created this theory evolution ,yet we’ve never seen evidence of it.

  9. Candi Chadwick says:

    The picture that pops up on the E V O L U T I O N spelling part ?

    8 yrs later

    Still disappointed

  10. Jan Pankowski says:

    im all down for funny explanation videos but this was disappointing

  11. Reformed Truth says:

    Jesus is the author of life.

  12. SRpranks says:

    How do you get something from nothing

  13. abe perdomo says:

    evolution a Satan doctrine..evolution is Satan made to have humans in
    falsehood in the wrong path…God is one.we all came from God and to God is
    our return..God said we all one we all of course we will have the
    same dna as all animals in this planet cause we all one .

  14. Bob Rogers says:

    Evolution isn’t real and was created by Obama.

    This. This is how stupid most Republicans sound like.

  15. Test123 says:

    i just figured out why this is in the comedy* category, cause its great

  16. THE TRUTH says:

    Bullshit! No one has witnessed evolution. I believe in adaptation though at
    least its proven and not another bullshit belief that is believed without
    being seen.

  17. Dak3 says:

    Is this the voice behind You Suck at Cooking?

  18. vGannon - says:

    Cool video ! Gained a Sub ! Also i was rofl when i saw the Nazi fish xD

  19. Junior B says:

    Nazi Fish and the duck.

  20. RakinMuhtadi says:

    Spore reference at 1:57