Casually Explained: Flirting

Casually Explained: Flirting

Even my shirt is made of boyfriend material.
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20 Responses

  1. Asael Lopez says:

    I’m gonna ask out a girl today. wish me luck guys. thanks for the advice.

  2. Louinja says:

    “So, what school do you go to?” -Me to a cute chick in my music class

  3. Matthew Maltzoff says:

    casually explained: MEMES

  4. Woah WOAH says:

    If you reply, I will eat my own hand.

  5. bat svetlio says:

    Instructions unclear: dick stuck in a girl.

  6. Jack Fitzgerald says:

    I tried flirting once but I went to initiate physical contact with a friendly punch to the shoulder and she ran off crying to her friends, any tips?

  7. John Adams says:

    *If my dab is on fleek, am I lit?*

  8. ruler898 says:

    Man Casually Explained have you been working out? Those doodles of you have gotten a few pixels wider.

  9. J Munoz says:

    I never flirt with a girl who flirts back, I just can’t go out with someone with standards that low.

  10. Radioactive Milksheik says:

    im gonna send a dick pic to a girl I like now , wish me luck bro

  11. Jeremy Petersen says:

    I’m a simple man. I see a Casually Explained video, I hit the like button.

  12. waderedsox says:

    just sending a dick pic is commonly referred to as “the Weiner approach” side affects include being forced to resign from congress and your wife getting really annoyed

  13. LomK4 says:

    I usually flirt with the girls at my work and is going pretty well!

    I work at an retirement home 🙁

  14. Hamish Minton says:

    do a casually explained on memes

  15. Belligerent says:

    Should I use wide angle or normal lens?

  16. SquidCookies says:

    How to flirt through Text Messages
    Send D a n k m e m e s

  17. Ethan Stephens says:

    Hey comment section, I need some advice

    So I’ve been talking to this girl for a while. We get along very well, we hang out almost every day, she has a picture of me and her in her room, she always laugh and touches me on the arm and we like to sit in my ford truck and watch funny YouTube videos, such as this. She brings up sex-related subjects often in our conversations and always talks about how “hot she is” (I agreeable). Now before I ask, “Is she into me?” there are a few stipulation. We both live in the deep south, and she is incredibly racist and traditional. She rides her horse all the time, she listens to Blake Shelton 24/7 and always walks around with her confederate flag. She is also my cousin. Is she into me?

  18. Donald J. Trump says:

    I sent a dick pic to this girl. She responded with a pic of what appears to be her vagina. Is she into me?

  19. Troy Baker says:

    i usually hit her in the back of the head and drag her to my cave.

  20. Keri Ann says:

    Casually Explained would make a better life coach than Tony Robbins…

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