Casually Explained: Group Projects

Casually Explained: Group Projects

The Selective Group Memory Paradox: Every individual believes they’re the only one who did any work.
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20 Responses

  1. Woah WOAH says:

    I want to yodel for some reason

  2. Lina Zarnitsa says:

    Not notification squad, just always on YouTube

  3. Bergson says:

    This Guy has a Humor like us Germans, nice

  4. Elvin Ezekiel says:

    How do i form a group if no one wants to talk to me?

  5. Woah WOAH says:

    Casually Explained: You suck at cooking

  6. - Neighinator says:

    I had a really bad science project partner this year. She literally signed my yearbook (Paraphrasing): Worst Science Project Partner ever

  7. TMR Teckk says:

    “While this can be pretty hot, it’s not in this context.” 😂

  8. Akshay Mhatre says:

    Group projects is why Batman chose to work alone.

  9. Louinja says:

    I have back issues from always carrying my team

  10. Film Rant says:

    “Adjourning. Which, much like the rhyme, represents the disappointing conclusion to your project” is one of the best lines you’ve ever written.

  11. Emmett Chan says:

    As someone who just made a crappy movie as part of a group this is suuuper relatable. I was the bossy person and the person who withheld criticism (mostly due to lack of confidence though) and hated the whole process. Screw group projects.

  12. A clown that DOES NOT want 4,000 subscribers says:

    Ya know, group projects are meant to help us learn teamwork and trust, but from my experience, I learned​ to never trust anyone and that I’m better of on my own.

  13. Hammer. Bros. #UCY says:

    Trying to finish the group project early?

  14. Vijitharan Vallipavan says:

    “You kinda miss everyone a little bit…
    but not enough to hang out with them” 😂 college life

  15. Dennis Caouki says:

    I am Group

  16. nick underscore says:

    pro tip – don’t sleep with anyone you do a group project with

    not that this has ever been a problem before

  17. 60 Second Success says:

    God damnit Peter

  18. Nathamel Camel says:

    It’s a carry or get carried process

  19. Splash Attack says:

    *There’s always a cunt in the group that never shows up and/or does no work at all.*

  20. Scrivscribe says:

    I once had an engineering group project where we had to build a little device that could transport a golf ball up a ramp and shoot it over a wall. I was in charge of the manufacturing and was kind of waiting on the design and materials stage to be completed before I could take over with my part.

    Finally when I got the all clear it was the night before we had to test the devices performance (which I was totally fine with). I had it all worked out, I had all the tools and materials ready to go (It was quite a solid design with pvc, aluminium, springs etc.).

    It got to about 11pm at night and one of the group members (a crazy control freak chick) starts private messaging me outside the group chat, saying that she thinks I won’t finish in time and will do a crap job. I then sent her a video response of the little device working perfectly, rolling along my floor and shooting the ball. She said it was crap and asked for my address to come pick it up so that she could work on it overnight.

    I got fed up with all her messages so gave her my address and left it outside my front door, then went to bed. So she comes over to my house at around 1am, turns out she didn’t have a car and lived far away. She had caught the train with her mum and walked a few kilometres to my house… wtf

    So the next day we are waiting at uni to do our test run for the assignment and my teammates are grilling me as to why I gave it to this crazy chick. She finally rocks up with a super big grin on her face, and dumps this bag of shit onto the workbench. It’s literally a heap of toilet paper rolls held together with string and sticky tape…completely different to my working model (which she had disassembled in the process of building her abstract art piece). It honestly looked like a pre-school toddler had put it together for a mothers day gift or something.

    Btw this video was funny af!! Love your work man. 🙂

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