Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market

Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market

This video will help you learn what to do in case you accidentally make a return on your investment. See you in the Mediterranean.
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67 Responses

  1. Fox Goodman says:

    What’s a stock market these days? 😀

  2. Kyle Li says:

    This video will be used in future business schools.

    “Analysis of 2018 Trading Terminology”

    They will be so confused.

  3. Brent Richards says:

    Definitely go both. One yacht is so boring.

  4. Brandon Beavis Investing says:

    I like the technical patterns but Investing is not this complex. It’s as simple as finding good companies that you believe in for the long term 🙂

    • Joseph Fox says:

      OR OR. buying and selling multiple times a day with companies you never heard of

    • BaioWithMayo says:

      Bryan Wheelock yeah well this video seemed to be made for the “get rich quick” investors, in reality so long as ur portfolio is diverse you will make money in stocks over a span greater than 10 years, “but in the long run we are all dead”. Also cool a legendary shorter is betting against Tesla and hes got good reasons to, but the market doesn’t act rationally especially with the legendary marketer (not inventor or engineer) Elon on its team

    • Apemanwithcalculator says:

      human society is delusional to the damage its causing the environment….and yes can hire me for parties 😀

    • Jebu911 says:

      get off the spectrum

  5. Warclimb says:

    Daammm 3 videos in a row, are you single or what?! 😀

  6. Erhan Burger says:

    Why is it spelt “yacht” but nacht yot?

  7. MrFindX says:

    3 videos in one week. Time to buy CasuallyExplained stock

  8. yash permalla says:

    3 videos in less than a month?!!!! *NANI?!*

  9. I’m Dad says:

    *invests 5 USD*
    *waits a few days*
    *stock goes up 1.89%*
    *sells stock for 5.09 USD*
    nothin’ personel kidd

  10. Dop3FreshNation says:

    This vid went over my head

  11. Coolmark says:

    Trader on CS:GO tho…

  12. WarBear says:

    how do i short my dignity?

  13. Cooper Academy - Investing says:

    Haha this is brilliant. Although I will say he’s talking about trading not properly investing. Trading is short-term. Investing is becoming owner of businesses for the long-term.

  14. Bronzewarrior says:

    This explains everything, thanks!

  15. Positive Investing says:

    *I watched the first 30 seconds and I was like… “this is too educational….” then sure enough a few seconds later, CASUALLY EXPLAINED Hit!*

  16. NintendoWolf says:

    So….. how could you invest bottlecaps?

    • MrSpartanspud says:

      Collect them over a period of years collecting enough so that bethesda will allow you to purchase one of their games with them not realising that the cash value of the scrap is actually higher. EZ muhnay.

  17. Justin Y. says:

    Now I can double my money on Vbux, thank you CasuallyWallstreetBets.

  18. 813Productions says:

    The isosceles Buffet was my nickname in high school.

  19. Matt Spicer says:

    Stock market? no thanks!

  20. Epic Mentality says:

    I would advise against trading if you are a beginner or unless you spend a lot of hours learning about trading. There are much easier ways to invest in the stock market if you are a beginner.

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