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  1. Caleb Talks/Road to 1000 says:

    This literally happened to me when I was texting my crush
    Girl: I love you
    Me (thinking): Omg she’s into me
    Girl: No hetero tho
    Me (thinking): fuck

  2. Nimzo says:

    I threw a rager on friday, the girl I had a crush on sucked 2 dicks in my house that weren’t mine. That’s kinda the worse lol

  3. Yeezy_King says:

    Not specific enough. Accidentally snapped a girl’s neck

  4. armondo padilla says:

    Is it gay to like a girl? I mean girls like dick.

  5. MemeMasterJackal _ says:

    This hit me too hard. 20 year old kissless virgin…

  6. bm4604 says:

    This reminds me of the
    “Is she into you” video

  7. Job Van breukelen says:

    That last one hit a little to close to home

  8. GenervtUndMüde says:

    A guy just sent this to me without any context. What does he want to tell me?😅

  9. Mike Ock says:

    Not worth the risk.

  10. Sum3a_ish says:

    Kind of a gradea rip off

  11. Canyon F says:

    I thought the one who handed you her number was gonna get close to you and then steal your kidneys

  12. MexicanMarxist says:

    I tell myself “meh fuck it” and go about my business

  13. verdatum says:

    God damnit. I fucking hate how god damned insightful you are you son of a bitch. You’re lucky that you manage to entertain the everloving shit out of me or I suspect I would want you dead. Keep up the great work!

  14. Vincent Pellegrini says:

    I’m not saying the video was bad, not at all, at least on its own. The problem lies on the fact that you took a successful video of yours and basically copied and pasted it. The joke was funny on the first video, now it was extremely predictable and it took all the fun out of it.

  15. Sam Henri says:

    “Sitting at the bar with your friend wondering if people think you’re gay…” – HAHAHA.

  16. Buffet Time says:

    holy shit when did you go from like 30k subs to 1.2m, good shit

  17. whatsup hy says:

    who’s the chick at 1:24


    What’s the worst that could happen? Her name could be Irma and could be coming straight for Florida and possibly North Carolina which is where you live.
    Help me.

  19. Ambrix Grey says:

    Totally thought the last one was a little kid based on the book of choice.

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