Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth

Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth

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74 Responses

  1. • Fastbreak383 says:

    3rd world country squad?

  2. Dell The G.O.A.T says:

    These videos are so savage😂

  3. DWEBB FILMS says:

    Laugh all you want about 3rd world countries but the FCC is laughing harder lol

    • Emilio Velis says:

      In El Salvador, can confirm we laugh with the FCC too (but seriously, keep up the fight for Net Neutrality! The world needs you!)

  4. MrTimmememe says:

    If money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous?

  5. Jesi Achord says:

    I love how nobody caught that in the comments “like they say;you cant make your sneakers and wear them too :/”

  6. Justin Young says:

    What about corrupt politicians? Some have more money than Jeff Bezos * cough putin *

  7. Kevin salvatierra says:

    but is she into you?

  8. Justin Young says:

    In order to get into the top 1% you just need a small loan of a million dollars.

  9. Twistt says:

    “short of a private jet and a battlefront 2 season pass” i fucking died

  10. A.N.E. production says:

    Get rich huh? So knowledge right?

    *Watches Rick and Morty*

  11. Gogo OnYoutube says:

    My country (romania) is not even classified as 3rd world country in some travel agencyes and we have internet here… Actually we pay 10$/month for 1gbps upload speed.

  12. Alexus A says:

    Rich people: “I don’t think I could spend the money even if I tried”

    Me: “I can help with that…”😎

  13. Winter Larsimé says:

    Levels Of Wealth 1-8 Scale (LOWS):

    LOWS 1: Richest people in the world. Own your immortal souls. The epitome of the borgiouse.

    LOWS 2: Semi-Rich, owners of your search engines.

    LOWS 3: Technically rich, owns your place of employment in an office.

    LOWS 4: Middle Class, owner of comparatively small business.

    LOWS 5: Lower Middle Class, those who work in low paying engineering.

    LOWS 6: Working Class, factory workers and the general low paid employee. The proletariates.

    LOWS 7: Those in Poverty, relying on food stamps and cheap McDonalds to get by.

    LOWS 8: YouTube content creators. Formerly at LOWS 3-4, now earn as much as you do when you get a speeding ticket when drunk. Losing money.

  14. xMiso12x says:

    “money doesn’t buy happiness” is a trick used by rich people to prevent other poor/middle-class fucks from reaching up to the rich’s level.

    • Sol Seeker says:

      Who cares? Get rich, use the social proof to further your point and/or find a life of empty materialism. You do you brah.

    • nonya biz says:

      True, it most definitely can buy happiness

    • Trang Nguyen says:

      Money can’t buy time back. Whats the point of working yourself to death for money, if you can’t even enjoy the time you have in life.

    • Alexandra Andreeva says:

      1)There are things money can’t buy. Not all problems come from lack of money.
      2)When you’re rich, you don’t know how it’s like to be poor anymore so you kinda take it for granted, therefore are not happy about the money anymore. I mean, you know if you’re usually hungry, you will be happy to eat. But if you never hungry, you don’t appreciate food in that way.

  15. Gray Ham says:

    How do I get to the top 1% of the comment section

    • Dr. Milk says:

      mind if I screencap this?

    • Ser Devil says:

      Have a hot girl as your profile picture.

    • brainplay says:

      Live in coastal regions, get married (combined income) and be a computer engineer. Top 1% flucuates wildly and its not that hard for certain jobs in certain areas. Cost of living in coastal regions require higher salaries. Someone making $60k in the midwest like Idaho will be able to buy more stuff than someone in California or New York. I had a 2 bedroom apartment here in Texas that cost me $450 a month. That amount would get you a closet and maybe sink access in New York City. If you’re married and you both make $38k then you’re practically rich in most of the US. A house in the Caldwell area of Idaho goes for $160k for 4bed 2 bath new construction.

  16. Tev Lev says:

    Casually Explained: V A P O R W A V E

  17. sexy korean girl says:

    no gold diggers in the top 0.01%

  18. Chaylen Tejeda says:

    Jeff Bezos can invest all his money in the biggest companies in the world leave them there for a few years, pull out all the money at once to cause the stock market to crash and send the world into a new Great Depression, and then because he is the only one left with money, he can start a Communist Revolution in the USA and complete Marx’s dream.

  19. Raven says:

    dude I’m from the Philippines watch your channel lol

  20. Donald Trump says:

    Dinner with the president?

    You are the president

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