Casually Explained: Men’s Fashion

Casually Explained: Men’s Fashion

Don’t doubt the streetwear NASA fanny pack it’s sitting on my coffee table right now.

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83 Responses

  1. Masculine Man says:

    Thumbs up for Comfcore

  2. UnovaTrainerWhite says:

    _Someone gets it FINALLY_

  3. Gerardo Perez says:

    _Until you’ve at least paid taxes before you look like you’ve filed someone else’s._

    -words to live by, Casually Explained 2018

  4. Karan Kumar says:

    I can’t be the only one who wants to read those 2 comments on his “comfcore” instagram pic!

  5. Gerardo Perez says:

    *I did however have a pouch for my laser pointer.*


    Ahegao hoodie over a hentai haven t-shirt with a pair of them sketchers bro.

  7. laowhy86 says:

    Who else thought of SerpentZA when he talked about suits?

  8. Servay says:

    ”a basic suit looks fantastic all the time, only way it doesn’t is if you wearing it at the wrong place”? tell that ReviewBrah!

  9. Merlin Merlout says:

    *Comfcore FTW*

  10. Frugal Aesthetic says:

    basically my whole channel concept in one video

    edit: im sayin its a good video damn lol… *who hurt u guys*

  11. Top Conspiracies says:

    I love your videos Casually! 😃❤ I make creepy / mysterious videos for anyone that’s interested 😃

    • ActionGal says:

      Top Conspiracies – usually advertising ur channel in the comments is off-putting.. but i’ve subbed to your channel coz it actually looks interesting! So congrats on the blatant self-promo.

  12. Somali pirate who's actually somali I says:

    I only wear socks and slippers.

    Nothing else.

  13. ManwaniLife says:

    *”Express your personality by copying what most rappers are doing”*

    That is the story of my high school life 😂😂😂baggy Sean John jeans with baggy Ecko t-shirts and some Air Forces.

  14. itsNotJeffy Animations says:

    Whats fashion … 😢

    • PastDue says:


    • essennagerry says:

      EngelSpiel lol 😀

    • Molly says:

      Well it can be: Way of expression, way of presenting yourself, it can be artsy for some people (like me), I take it very… like… When I dress myself, I imagine that Im making an abstract composition (it really helps). Well, I don’t care too much about people opinion about fashion, cuz, at the end of the day, most of dudes base their opinions on themselves and their things, and not on observations, so. I don’t even talk with people about it. Cuz I know it will come down to the things like… I love wearing hoodies and baseball shoes so you should wear it too cuz I think it’s good. And it’s not like that at all. The fit is good when the composition is good, when the colours are well mixed together. When you know how the colours work with themselves, how to mix clothes to make them look good (cuz sometimes the design isn’t working with other design, even when the colours are great), then you can talk, cuz only then, you can rate anything by how it is, and by how you feel about it. I can rate someones fit, even if it’s not in my style at all. And that’s how it should works. And yes, it’s just clothes but oh my god. Clothes, style, this stuff is important, people look at you in the other way when you look good, or original.

    • All work is Easy work says:

      ActionGal I doubt that. People wear clothes because they like them and if they like stuff in fashion then its because they fuck with the vision. Now of course the typical hype beast rocks whats hot and thats cool too. Just because you wear sketchers and random jeans doesn’t mean you’re smarter than the people who don’t fuck with those clothes.

    • All work is Easy work says:

      Molly Its not all about the colors man. Its about knowing what to rock with the right fit. Shoes are no doubt the most important part of the outfit which means you should build your outfit around the shoe you’re going to wear. White shoes go with everything. Wear some white air force 1s and whatever fit and everyone will fuck with your fit

  15. ziljin says:

    Supreme is for sheep

  16. _窮 says:

    4:39 “These are the people you might have heard of that might camp overnight to cop a pair of fresh Jordans. They only wear them once for instagram then sell them the next day 5x the price to rich asian exchange students.” 🤣

  17. Insxne says:

    Am I the only one that wears basically the exact same outfit everyday?

  18. Science with Katie says:

    “I was literally that kid in middle school” – same. I love these videos so much 💛

    • arthur says:

      lol, me too

    • DilloTheBongGod says:

      “However I did have a pouch for my laser pointer..” Best reason to have a fanny pack.

    • Eric Vargas says:

      When I was in middle school, I couldn’t afford new jeans, so I wore pairs that were what I had since I was in elementary school. I got made fun of a lot for wearing “skinny-looking highwaters.”

      Flash forward to high school, I finally get jeans that fit and go the full length of my legs since I wasn’t going through growth spurts every 2 months, and emo fashion goes more mainstream. Those same asshats who made fun of me in middle school were paying $200 for skinny jeans.

      By the time I’m in college, hipsters are literally buying my old jeans from Goodwill as “ironic” emo skinny jeans.

      I expect 20 years from now, people will be wearing pajamas everywhere, as I seem to set trends at least 10 years ahead of everything else.

    • Lizard813 says:

      Hey, Ms. Science with Katie, can I politely ask you to stop following me? I think I’ve seen you comment on almost every channel I watch. Well, I guess you’re still better than that “I’m dad” guy.

    • Child Porn is fucking hot, my dude says:

      Science with Katie you don’t look like a man to me 🤔

  19. Trevor Tucker says:

    I vote we bring back the fat conductor hats. 🎩

  20. New Message says:

    He was a bit too casual about formalwear.

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