Casually Explained: One Night Stands

Casually Explained: One Night Stands

$5 for three condoms? Pretty good value for a lifetime supply.
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20 Responses

  1. Christofer Johnson says:

    Casually explained > the essay I have due in an hour

  2. Ze OldViking says:

    Dat echo tho

  3. nick underscore says:

    “i don’t really do this that often, what should i expect?”

  4. PlayaGaming says:

    Natalie portman is probably having a one night stand with casually rn

  5. ActionGal101 says:

    Even if your condoms have expired, better something than nothing, right?

  6. Elvin Ezekiel says:

    Anyone know a good place to buy night stands?

  7. Nino .M says:

    It’s probably just chlamydia

  8. Youssef Aboushair says:

    I’m a virgin.

  9. Aaron says:

    Finals soon, but here watching this. Anyone else?

  10. Emmett Chan says:

    I see Casually Explained has caught on that his sex/relationship videos do the best.

  11. Tech Incorporated says:

    I am sure you do One Night Stands all the fucking time..

  12. Vijitharan Vallipavan says:


  13. Onur Saklak says:

    2:34 maybe I caught feelings, na it’s probs just chlamydia

  14. Daniel Gonzalez says:


  15. Miguel Alberola Cano says:

    It’s so sad when you’re 10 minutes late to the party and you know your comment will be ignored no matter how witty it is.

  16. Sea Lahgic says:

    “Just turn it inside out”

  17. GW Seah says:

    Pfft I don’t need a condom, I have my face.

  18. Akshay says:

    I’m taking advice about a one night stand from a virgin. What has my life become.

  19. IHaveNoLife ILikeBoobsThough says:

    I give this video 12 hours before it ends up stolen on Facebook and goes viral.

  20. Duncan Nee says:

    “i don’t have any tips because i know my lane” omfg just choked on my morning coffee

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