Casually Explained: Photography

Casually Explained: Photography

Why would you use a camera when you can draw at this level that’s what I say.
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47 Responses

  1. Casually Explained says:

    If you’d like to give Opera One a try:

  2. matcha says:

    Bro is back from the dead to teach us how to take poorly lit photos of natural landscapes and our friends

  3. hyruledrift says:

    as a photographer, i cringed, shuddered, and almost cried at how accurate these stabs are… currently rethinking my life decisions. thank u mr. casual

  4. Akir says:

    I genuinely believe casually explained just gets deep into a new niche hobby for a few months, resurfaces to share his findings, then submerges himself again

  5. BlueJay says:

    One of the biggest hurdles of a photographer’s career is deciding when they can stop saying they’re a bartender for a living, and when they can start saying they’re just a disappointment.

  6. kim ambrocio says:

    First the rock climbing, existentialism, and now photography? I’ve never felt so heard. Appreciate the content

    • Casually Explained says:

      Yo big thanks!

    • Tom says:

      It appears the real way to make money from photography is to make a video talking about how its hard to make money from photography

    • Jacob says:

      ​@Tomthat or tell people how to be better photographers. Nobody gives a shit about wildlife or landscape photography now that there’s 8000 pictures of any mountain range on google. Personally I look at it as a (very) expensive hobby. Just looking at the cost of camera equipment is enough to dash most people’s dreams of ever breaking even.

    • Atomic says:

      I second this! Content is on point

  7. Ludoviajante says:

    I want to say as a Brazilian that your channel is one of my biggest inspirations. No matter how long it takes to post, you always bring a smile to our faces!

  8. Chessed Gamon says:

    photography is the world’s first pay to win art form

  9. Aidan DaGreat says:

    Casually Explained is like a semi-absent father. Gone until we think he’ll never come back, until he does to check how we’re doing, and everything is great until he leaves again.
    Edit: I hate people who edit their comments

  10. Kyle._sa says:

    Your comedic genius makes up for how long it takes you to post new videos😂😂😂

    • seregruin says:

      He can only post once the new material is in. With AI help, it should go much quicker from now on. My fellow human friend.

    • Alexander Diraviam - Society & Business says:

      He’s pausing for comedic timing. Most jokes take 6 to 9 business months to mature

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