Casually Explained: Rock Climbing

Casually Explained: Rock Climbing

Great to see ya’ll again, sorry I haven’t made more vids but we all know that posting more than once a year is clearly aid

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28 Responses

  1. Dieselnaut says:

    Man just bursts out of nowhere and starts talking about rock climbing. Truly the youtuber of all time

  2. LifeFruit says:

    Seeing him dissapear for one year just to come back to recap on the most hilarious climbing facts is truely one of the best self explainations of what he was doing the last months.

  3. Jane says:

    “Long nails means her day will be ruined, short nails means she’s a thoughtful lesbian” I died laughing 😂

  4. Greg's bagels says:

    This guy spent a year actually rock climbing so he can give us the best explanation. Truly dedicated.

  5. PPK Films says:

    Using the Honnold casually eating a bell pepper raw as the illustration image for him, and “avoiding responsability” with him trying to figure out his fridge is top tier 👌

    • MaurtreRS says:

      might be making this up but i think i remember this exact shot in the movie, and he was avoiding settling down or stopping freesoloing, and it was causing conflict with his partner… savage image to include

  6. Dan Miesbauer says:

    As a rock climber, there could be no better comeback video. Masterpiece.

  7. R screen says:

    Being gone for a year and then coming back to talk about rock climbing is the most YouTuber thing ever

    • Andrew Browner says:

      clearly he became so enthralled in climbing he couldnt suffer the time required to make any content, he climbed daily for a year straight, running through dozens of rolls of climbing tape, kilos of chalk, dozens of climbing items and gear sets, a vast variety of beanie sizes.. just to realize he had completely drained his savings account and maxxed out all of his cards.. so hence he was forced to make a return to the dark depths of the youtube verse to replenish his funds

    • Mustafa says:

      ​@Josh G The Cybershell phenomena*

    • Marcus Lam says:

      Or animal scientific names

    • Josh G says:

      ahh yes, The Sam O’Nella Sequence

    • TetraDax says:

      Also the most rock climber thing ever

  8. Andrew says:

    You can’t deny Casually Explained dedicating to making the most random, high quality videos on YouTube

  9. Thicc Chonker says:

    Props to him for doing rock climbing for an entire year just to educate us

  10. Eterraria says:

    “unsolicited yet polite encouragement” is one of the best parts of climbing

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