Casually Explained: The Fear of Missing Out

Casually Explained: The Fear of Missing Out

Also made possible by merch guy Sam he actually did pretty much everything.
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93 Responses

  1. Jordan Nuggets says:

    Hopefully your merch sells like a god church

  2. Coconut Water says:

    opening joke alone warrants the like.

  3. rubysauce says:

    You can tell he thinks he is so funny with that intro.

    And he’s correct.

  4. kremit says:

    You can’t miss out if you don’t get invited

  5. JNR says:

    I clicked this video as soon as it popped up on my phone notifications because I was afraid of missing out on watching this.

    Edit: This comment just reached 666 likes, i’m going to hell.

    • gamingtruble says:

      I have to lower my expectations… Not a bad video, but I had some hope that it would bring some kind of solution to it, but it’s true, and it sucks XD

      So, it was a good explanation, but I already knew.

    • JNR says:

      +gamingtruble I think the solution to fear of missing out is acknowledging that whatever you’re doing at the moment is probably more important than what you’re missing out in otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it.

  6. Devin says:

    This video had such a good sponsor.

  7. šemsudin dino poplava says:

    That merch looks really nice. Too bad I’m broke.

  8. Justin Reyes says:

    Perfect timing. I wasn’t able to go with my friends today….

    Cause they didn’t invite me

  9. ManwaniLife says:

    “This video was my possible by me” I was expecting Nord VPN

  10. The Overlord says:

    “Computer science and engineering party” Woah there buster you actually expected *girls* at that party?

    • Katlyss T says:

      As a wamyn in engineering/computer science I can confirm, zero girls attending these parties, we don’t like humans, that’s why we’re in this field.

    • nikos orf says:

      “Erm, excuse me! That’s actually sooo sexist”

    • Beastinlosers says:

      +MIMIK it’s not that big of a deal. Yeah you lose out on women which are good with details, but so are most engineers. I dont mind women, but people who push for women in stem thinking they are the new wave are just blind puppets to organizations focused on cutting recruiting/salary costs

    • Enrymion says:

      ​+MisterL2 So everyone in your computer science class were super manly men who couldn’t look or act like a girl or nerd even if they tried? (fenrigg was clearly implying that most nerds = girls and you’re saying that there weren’t many)

    • Mr Temporal says:

      Sounds like a cool party though

  11. Sandslashr says:

    I always fear missing out on one of your videos.

  12. Bean Machine says:

    Idk man 1 gig up and down sounds pretty good to me

  13. nigveen says:

    you can hear him smiling when he does the little plug in for himself lmao

  14. Iron Revenant says:

    This man just explained Stoicism for the average stick figure.

    • Flying Dude says:

      +lightsidemaster Yeah, that dude is an ancient major alpha chad deluxe.

    • David A says:

      +Melmon Smith I believe in that way: Seneca advises his friend lucilius whos is afraid to imagine that the wosrt that could happen, happens. Would he still be able to live ? Yes.

      Expect the worst and you can never be disappointed / it will impact you less if or when it happens

    • vins0r says:

      No he didn’t.

    • subscribes says:

      +lightsidemaster some political figures actually use stoicism I believe washington was one of them

    • Melmon Smith says:

      +David A Well I can’t argue with that segment Shakespear

  15. Ricky says:

    “2 of your 3 friends”
    Haha good one. Three friends. more like 1 that I pretty much only talk to over whatsapp.

  16. Sachindra Bhattacharya says:

    printf(“where are the line breaks mann”);

    • KA M says:

      @FleetingDream Haha, I look forward to having to learn it in the next couple of years xD
      @lil luca aka troco Lmao. I guess different people have different experiences with them.

    • pablo minecraft says:

      +AverageJoe8686i guess but java sucks i hate writing anything in it.

    • DankErikk says:

      +Bob Tom c++ is a super set of C. It is more object oriented, C is more functional

    • DankErikk says:

      +pablo minecraft java sucks?? It is one of the most used languages, by far the easiest language to use for me

    • DankErikk says:

      +Grayson Spencer every code in c is technically also c++ code since both compilers will accept it.

  17. tomatoanus says:

    i knew i had to watch this video or else id spend the rest of my life worrying about what i missed by not watching it

  18. lingo ten says:

    Fear of missing out = 10 females to 1 male party ratio. Reality = absolute sausage factory.

  19. nrvous says:

    “game of thrones, my favorite character would probably die”…


  20. Eggs Benedict says:

    Moral of the story

    Just go and ruin everything, if you can’t have fun, they can’t have fun either

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