Casually Explained: The Spectrum of Intelligence

Casually Explained: The Spectrum of Intelligence

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lol orangutan:

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20 Responses

  1. Nathan M says:

    You and You Suck at Cooking should collaborate on something.

  2. Gamertaining says:

    Pokemon GO?

  3. Vladimir Penkin says:

    But where are ducks in this chart?

  4. Kaleb Brasee says:

    That Morgan Freeman impression at 0:55

  5. jason323 says:

    ok…you’ve officially earned my subscription…and I only listened to your
    first two jokes

  6. Adam Castro says:

    youtube spotliht :)

  7. Skrabix says:

    I’m so glad you can leave voice messages as comments now!!!

    My opinion below:

    ▶ ?──────── 00:21

  8. Alex Garcia says:

    Ohhh shit… Fuck jesus!!

  9. Fiiilll3 says:

    meh nothing new but kinda fun

  10. StraitClownin909 says:

    This video was a complete waste of my time… I am now dumber for having
    listened to it. May god have mercy on your soul.

  11. merica murica says:

    I’m not a jew! lmfao

  12. Max says:

    2:28 being able to request a hair cut without practicing your head isn’t
    talent it’s witchcraft

  13. YesEthan says:

    Aae you friends with “you suck at cooking” dude? if not, please make
    friends and vid together one. thxx

  14. angry hermit says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can get smarter by opening up new
    neural pathways in your brain, which can be done by learning new languages
    or other things you aren’t used to or whatever.

  15. Bryn Keller says:

    This is my new favorite.

  16. 7 cross says:

    You changed the thumbnail.

  17. Justin Leeds says:

    “I’m not a Jew” LOLOL

  18. Steven Xu says:

    NOOOOOO! My IQ is only 132 :(.

  19. necroTaxonomist says:

    Fuck, I’m at the rehearsing before a haircut stage

  20. DaCactus King says:

    R.I.P my nigga Harambe??