Casually Explained: Tipping

Casually Explained: Tipping

In this episode, I go around to subscriber’s housesm, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change.

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88 Responses

  1. Isaac Aren says:

    0:25 “The UK”
    *circles Ireland*
    _Every Irishman disliked that_

  2. Bill T says:

    Do a video on student loans and who they actually benefit.

  3. Erik Andresen says:


    You don’t tip in Japan. In Japan, respect and politeness is expected at all times. Waiters for example would therefore not accept a tip

    • Synical Rabbit says:

      I’ve read that Westerners trying to give tips in Japan actually makes the staff feel like they’ve done something wrong and is either offensive, hurtful, or both.

    • Noah Kane says:

      Synical Rabbit yeah they can’t even keep change. I went a year ago and they tried to give me back like 19 cents in spare change so I told them to keep it but they said they can’t have numbers mismatching the books so they aren’t allowed to have it.

    • Vzrtigo says:

      Same with most Asian countries, I know in Thailand it may be considered rude to leave a tip. Or at least that’s what I remember of my Thai mom telling me

    • Jaimie Knox says:

      +Synical Rabbit In my experience in Tokyo at least, the locals know in advance that Americans are weird about tipping so they don’t take offense to it. They know we mean well so they just politely decline

    • . says:

      fuckn japan has coins for days. i literally just hold out my pouch of heavy coins and be like keep my damn change.

  4. Thomas Harley says:

    “Just kidding I don’t pay my income tax”

    The IRS wants to know your location…

    • MattTerryAccount says:

      He’s Canadian, so its the CRA.

    • Shawn Boudreau says:

      +Rafael Alódio

      For Tax Fraud? yes.

    • 88fibonaccisequence says:

      Says Ireland is part of the UK.

      The IRA wants to know your location…

    • Sean S says:

      +Rafael Alódio

      Ya, in Canada (where he is at) it’s called Tax Evasion.

      And that can run you anywhere between $1,000 and $25,000 and potentially up to one year in prison.

    • Rafael Alódio says:

      Shawn Boudreau that’s what I thought, you can get away with many things, but if you don’t pay your taxes the federales will get you.

  5. Booker D says:

    Australian here, we don’t tip at all, it’s not even an option say in a restaurant.
    But we do have a super high minimum wage though.

    • yuyt tuy says:

      +BurblingBarbacoa Only 2.3% of Americans work on minimum wage though. My sister works as a waitress in California and made 60K USD which is like 86K AUD. I know a lot servers making good money, but they don’t like to brag because it’s better if people think they’re poor.

    • Ombro says:

      Well that’s not entirely correct. In American restaurants like TGI FRIDAYS they allow tips and coffee places will sometimes have a coin jar near the register

    • Ujurak Spirit says:

      Raising minimum wage just raises unemployment

    • yuyt tuy says:

      +Ujurak Spirit Yep, plus businesses will generally cut hours so most people aren’t better off with a higher minimum wage. It just hurts the lower and middle class.

    • zacozacoify says:

      I work in a restaurant in Australia, and it’s definitely an option to tip, but certainly not required. On a busy night I might get max $20 AUD

  6. Abraham L says:

    Casually Explained videos: the only situation in which Comic Sans is appropriate.

  7. Stef the god says:

    15-20% is crazy wtf that’s so much

    • Michael Casali says:

      +Ed Worton So you admit that the employers are screwing them over? And that many of them are being underpaid? Why would the burden be put on the customers? The owner is the one thats being cheap and its their responsibility to pay their workers minimum wage.

      I’m American and I still tip, but we are so backwards with many issues other developed coumtries have no problem with. I like capitalism, but this is late stage and not good for the people. Theres a minimum wge for a reason.

    • Laloweed says:

      +sonicstormer Yes I’m aware. I feel fortunate to receive the extra $10-20 tip at the end of my shift at the small bakery business I used to work for as a cook. Even though I worked at a very wealthy area, it was enough to pay for my gas. I think tips varies on type of business (Asian/ Mexican/ American restaurants), size, and location, and how the business conducts services (if they have servers out not).

    • Kitbracadabra says:

      Guillaume Jubinville-Leblanc Thank you!

    • chaosXpert says:

      Not always

    • Alex Meggoe says:

      +sonicstormer don’t you get more money tho?

  8. Pepe says:

    I just tipped Casually Explained by turning off my Adblocker before watching this video 🙂

  9. Stephan Bijzitter says:

    4:00 price is 14.89, so I’d tip 11 cents.
    The Netherlands wins again.

  10. Josh Heather says:

    “Massage therapist? I dunno, depends what ending you want”

  11. Peyton Jackson says:

    Patient: *Says nothing
    Doctor: “Your kidney will make a fine addition to my collection”

  12. Jereth Khan says:

    “I don’t tip because I’m not a coward” is my new favorite excuse.

    • Alex says:

      ​+Taryn KellyThat’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Let’s look at this logically: What would you do if no one tipped you? Do nothing? Then you’d be fired, and wouldn’t even make the wages the restaurant is paying you.
      When a cashier processes your order, do you tip the cashier? Or can the cashier just say “no tip, no service – next!” Of course not. That’s because the cashier is already being paid by establishment to serve whoever visits that place – just like a server.

      “You might not like it, you may not agree with it, but it’s one of our customs”.
      Another idiotic statement. Women not being able to vote was a custom – in fact, it was a law. I bet you’d like to change the custom. If a custom doesn’t make sense, maybe it should change.

      “You can’t expect to eat out in America whilst not tipping without someone calling you out.”
      And you can’t expect to not do your job and not have people complain to your manager.

      Now, sometimes a tip IS appropriate. If my taxi driver helps me carry my luggage to where I’m trying to take it, then it may be appropriate to tip him for that (and if I’m a notorious no-tipper, he can REFUSE that extra service, which would be fair), as he’s going beyond what his service is for. But you don’t “deserve” a tip for doing your job that you’re already being paid for.

    • d'_'b says:

      +Ivy if you’re the type of person who would do that to anyone for any reason, you don’t even deserve a job that even pays minimum wage

    • Taryn Kelly says:

      Ihate You it’s fully within my right as a server and okay with my managers for us to refuse service to anyone especially those who don’t tip. I find it repulsive to go out and rip people off by not tipping. To each their own

    • Taryn Kelly says:

      allenearljunior I work a total of 55 hrs a week between two jobs. I love working. I love both of my jobs. And it’s hilarious you think that all that it is is running food to your table. Most of the time I’m cleaning And doing side work.

    • Mizike says:

      I would laugh, I wouldn’t spit in your food.

  13. AaronAnonymous says:

    You’d think tipping would incentivize better customer service then you go to japan and wonder why the hell you’ve been tipping your whole life.

    Better food, better service, papa Japan’s.

    • yuyt tuy says:

      +eli You’re generalizing when it comes to service. It depends on what type of restaurant you go to. I don’t think you’ve ever been to Europe before.

      I’ve been to over 20 states. Yes, I know that there are hard working people, but there are also many lazy and entitled people.
      The service is inferior to many other developed countries overall. Just look at international airline reviews as an example. They will tell you to never take an American carrier because of inferior service

    • eli says:

      +yuyt tuy

      First off, it is not a generalization, it is an average. European restaurants are usually much longer and more deliberate in their planning of meals. With American restaurants they cook a meal you eat then go. Now what is true can change depending on the type of restaurant you are going to, but again these are averages.

      Secondly, if you are going to respond to someone, read their full reply first. “Go to fly over states and you will see plenty of respectable people working hard. However, the problem with America is the Entitlement of the newer generations.” America’s new generations are simply entitled lazy pricks who are mostly focused on pleasure and throw responsibility out the window. It is why we have brain dead spastics mumbling on tracks about women they fuck and money the get, and it sells. The vast majority of service are populated by those younger gens. It is not about Americans being lazy and rude, it is about a specific generation in america being that way. Many of which say they hate America in the first place.

      P.S. I not an older person saying this. I am a gen z saying this.

    • yuyt tuy says:

      +eli If you want a full course meal, you can get that anywhere. If you’re looking for a quick bite, same thing. Most people don’t have the time/money to spend hours at a restaurant every day that’s why fast casual restaurants are getting so popular.

    • ChickenNuggetDinosaur ChickenNuggetDinosaur says:

      AaronAnonymous you’re the biggest weeb ever, please leave whatever country you’re in and go and stay in japan

    • Casey Flentye says:

      AaronAnonymous it’s culture not tips.

  14. zeeekdog says:

    I always tip with a smile ?

    *Don’t try this at home kids*

  15. ViskaDrake says:

    “The UK *Circles UK and Ireland*”
    *Carefully scrolls down in fear of angry Irishmen*

    • 88fibonaccisequence says:

      Just relax and try to enjoy the channel while we wait for his car to get bombed by the IRA.

  16. Swiss Made says:

    it’s the most unreliable system and offensiv thing ever….. If you don’t, they look at you like youre a cheap beggar and if you do it is still not enough, and if you tip to much it does not serve the restaurant well, because maybe it was really bad and the tipping was not deserved at all! Hate tipping. In US that is, im gladly tipping in other countries, round up or give dollar extra or 2 or whatever it’s easy it’s reliable. and it does not hurt anyone, and the best thing is the tipped pwerson will be more thankful because she got tipped because she did good, not because i had to!!

  17. INSECUREdrAgon TIMes says:

    Tipping in Japan is a big no no. They find it disrespectful

    • Internet User says:

      +Avenger I don’t live in a small rural town. Your first mistake is diving right into an expensive apartment/house.

    • Internet User says:

      +Ivy I work at Subway on minimum wage. You’re just dumb.

    • Internet User says:

      +Seth Miller There’s your first issue. Don’t get an apartment or a house right away. Live in your car and save up.

    • Kyle Belouin says:

      +Internet User this is high quality b8. Well done

    • Internet User says:

      +Kyle Belouin It’s not bait though. The problem is no one knows how to make good decisions or how to wisely manage their money.

  18. Edgar Flores says:

    I just leave 15% of my food on the plate and don’t tip.

  19. CMDR Hells x Pyro says:

    Japan doesn’t like tips. “Service should always be outstanding”.

    • GrandMasterLynx says:

      Gotta love how he doesn’t do his research

    • Be Ron says:

      Yeah when we travel to japan may old man tip this waiter and he just look at us with a unsatisfied look. Then we ask the friend of my dad he says japanese worker expect to give 105% performance to their work so when you give them tip they consider it as insult because they don’t do their job as expected.

  20. Steven Matthews says:

    Male US babies: *get born*
    Doctors: I’ll take the tip off that

    • __________ says:

      +Ombro  Lol, somebody got defensive. “Less appealing to women”. Haha. You must not be from the USA. It’s certainly the opposite. I struggle to see how it’d feel better when there’s flap of skin covering your tip. You’re clearly not losing anything that important, we have plenty of perfectly healthy, functional, and sexually active men. “Has nothing to do with how it looks”. Ha. Maybe not to you.

      Honestly, I could just halt your whole ridiculous, clearly biased, spiel with one simple thing. If you’re circumcised, “dick cheese” ain’t a problem. That’s in addition to your dick not looking like an earth worm.

      P.S. Foreskin doesn’t make your dick bigger.

    • Ombro says:

      +__________ You know the skin moves back right? It’s not just stuck up there, when erect an uncircumcised penis looks the same as a circumscised one, only it has the extra movement so you don’t need to use lube.
      You know how you can get condoms that are “ribbed for her pleasure”? That’s what a foreskin already does. It increases the woman’s pleasure by not just having a plain shaft with nothing to simulate the woman with.
      Also it’s not the foreskin that makes it better for the dude, it’s the lack of that makes it worse. Not having a foreskin makes it desensitised.
      And dick cheese? What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you shower?

    • Ombro says:

      +Deadfinfox101 Well yeah, it doesn’t stop masturbation, but the fundamentalist idiot who started the whole thing thought it would.
      A fundamentalist being wrong is pretty much a given.

    • Bort says:

      Fun fact(?):
      Circumcision is so popular in the US because the guy who invented cornflakes wanted to stop boys from jerking off.

    • Deadfinfox101 says:

      +Ombro might of caused an opposite effect. Least mine don’t look like a disembodied earth worm. These 20 some years since it happened, only now do I realize; I’m different.

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