Casually Explained: Video Games

Casually Explained: Video Games

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Me: “Hey, my parents aren’t home, let’s smash”
Girl: “ok, be right over ;)” …
[girl enters]
Me: “where is ur gamecube controller”


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20 Responses

  1. AwesomeSpudzMC says:

    Wenger Out

  2. mrawesome450 says:

    Couple more minutes till it’s trending

    Edit: Did not except this much likes but thank you

  3. Jamale Dones says:

    He said ” To WATCH ME play video games” 😂😂😂

  4. please leave says:

    *take that, bitch*

  5. faded. says:

    “POV… I mean FPS”

  6. hsq96 says:

    I lost it at “And that’s how I discovered Porn”

  7. MedicEne says:

    Dude I cant believe you were GM in starcraft!!! You are awesome!

  8. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    God, Squarespace is the new Audible, they’re EVERYWHERE

  9. Cheethan says:

    Runescape is my city

  10. Smoke Saibot says:

    You sound like you wanted to kill your self at the end…

  11. Eddef Music says:

    0:18 YOUR *FIRST* gaming experience was when you were 4 years old???? HOW DID YOU SKIP that obligatory 9 month loading screen and 4 years of tutorial? Does this come with a DLC pack or did you just choose some kinda option I’m not aware about?

  12. Deep Sea Magic says:

    Great video man haha, its the only thing that can fill my empty life with joy. Or should i say JOI…

  13. BestServedCold says:

    I went outside yesterday, the graphics were quite impressive.

  14. Jerrie the claun says:

    See MOM!?!?!? Video Games aren’t a waste of time.

  15. FroyoHead Animation says:

    Video games can replace anything
    even getting ahead in life is replaced by The Sims

  16. 05x32 says:

    “i like rpg’s because you don’t need friends to play them” me irl

  17. David De Loera says:

    I was playing a shooter and a person named Zombi3Chick56 messaged me saying “kill yourself you worthless noob”.
    Is she into me?

  18. Rob says:

    4 year old you was an idiot you cant play games on channel 17 its gotta be channel 3 or 4.

  19. NinjaSlime Gaming says:

    I playing minecraft and a guy called adamx asked for my pixel wee wee

    is he gay?

  20. MaXo says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Trivago searches through 1000 sites to find the best hotel for you.

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