Cat Shuts Up Dog

Cat Shuts Up Dog

We’ve been monitoring our pup at home to get a sense of how much barking he’s been doing. Chazz had just started barking after my wife and I left for work but luckily our cat, Greyscale, shuts that down.

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20 Responses

  1. God says:

    I wish I could shut you all up with your praying like that.

  2. LittleKidney says:

    Better dog trainer than me…

  3. Kellie Nichols says:

    I totally had a running commentary in my head about what the cat was
    telling the pup! I love this!

  4. MsLazyplay says:


  5. Jilian Buhler says:

    And that is why cats are awesome…. Even the dogs know to bow down.

  6. LotusEater says:

    hahahahahaahah XD

  7. TheAcrash says:

    the cat says shut up I will scratch you!

  8. MT CrayCray says:

    “What the fuck did I just say Fred? Shut the hell up.”

    “Y-Yes sir.”

  9. Dylan Luciano says:

    I am seriously in love with your studio.

  10. Crazylittleboy1 says:

    #help Lt.Lick me

  11. Zhou Dong (Boatman) says:

    Sorry who is the pussy now?

  12. JVN says:

    If looks could kill , that mf was just murdered .

  13. haider alam says:

    That dog should be sent to China… JK I’m not crazy

  14. Richard Overton says:

    My new favorite video

  15. Ron Williams says:

    I hope you’re not in an apartment. Between your dog and your drumming you
    would not be popular there.

  16. Lucas Freeman says:

    ‘u betr shut ur fukn mouth rite now fukn ass bitch ill claw ur fukn face if
    u bark 1 more time u fukn dog shit’

  17. Fast Scenes says:

    All bark, no bite. Lmao

  18. Joe Swanson says:

    “Say what again!”

  19. 155chipmunkz says:

    “Rawrf rawrf rawrf!”
    “Quiet, you.”

  20. LotusEater says:

    Cat: “Mfcker, Do you see deez nutz hangin, deez nutz?”