Cat Sprinting and Pouncing in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Cat Sprinting and Pouncing in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav films Smee the cat sprint, jump and dive around in slow motion with some overly jolly royalty-free music playing in the background. What have we learned today? Cats don’t always land on their feet. Warning, this video features time travel. Stay safe, wear a mask, stay indoors n’ that.
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Cat Sprinting and Pouncing in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys
Fretless by Kevin MacLeod
Glitter Blast by Kevin MacLeod

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52 Responses

  1. Baptiste Bourdon says:

    the cat literally has the same vibe that Dan has – smug stare, fluffy, does all the stunts

  2. Kay Cee says:

    3:26 that somehow feels like a bucket list moment right there:
    I can now tick off that I have seen a kitten snort water in slow-mo.

  3. Leon Müller says:

    2:20 and I thought cats were supposed to ALWAYS land on their feet.

  4. Brayden Kellam says:

    wow i’ve never actually had a look at how their paws expand and their claws come out and then retract. super cool!

  5. Karissa says:

    Gavin: I wish I had a high speed camera when Smee was a cute & clumsy kitten
    Me: dang that would be adorable
    Gavin: Oh wait… I did
    Me: *inaudible cuteness overload happy noises*

  6. UnrealEd Addict says:

    « Cats always land on their feet. »
    Cat :
    « Hold my mouse. »

  7. Hithesh K says:

    The Slow Mo Guys: *posts a cat video *
    YouTube: “Déjà vu….I have been in this place before”

  8. pdebassio2018 says:

    I feel like “Smee” is such a Gavin-name to come up with. But I love it. “Smee” suits the kitty

  9. peejy says:

    me: oh this is just like the days of filming lloyd what a lovely throwback
    “in memory of lloyd the cat”
    me: noooooooooo

  10. Alex Black says:

    In today’s episode of Slow Mo Guys, Dan shows off his amazing cat cosplay skills and Gavin just goes along with it.

  11. AdaraTheShallot says:


  12. EenoDG says:

    My mind filled in the missing “And I’m dan” for me

  13. Ros Enriquez says:

    “My barber is closed how inconsiderate of him.” How about a slow mo of a electronic razor to cut dat hair. 😂

  14. Lucho-Core says:

    4:00 you can see clearly how he points his whiskers forward, and doesn’t even try to focus his eyes on an objet that close. he’s navigating by touch, not sight at that distance.

    • vexingcosmos says:

      Fun fact: cats actually can’t focus on stuff that close to them.

    • MasterSquishy23 says:

      @vexingcosmos Pretty sure they can’t see anything a less then a foot in front of them because their eyes are too large. Pretty cute reason to be nearsighted.

    • Eric Keller says:

      @MasterSquishy23 Actually farsighted.

    • AV C says:

      Yep! Their eyes are optimized for tracking motion at a distance in low light. Which is why even the most observant cat can seem bewilderingly obtuse if you offer them something right up close. If it’s too small/stationary for those whiskers to dial in on (say, a treat in the palm of your hand), it might was well be invisible to them.

    • Cristiane Freire says:

      And that’s why one doesn’t simply cut a cat’s whiskers

  15. Ariq Fauzan says:

    The part where the kitten suddenly slides across the floor got me laughing really hard.

  16. FAiD Monark says:

    3:46 he just is Tokyo drifting.

  17. Nemisis 007 says:

    I wish that he would’ve put a miniature version of dan’s lab coat on the cat, that would’ve been hilarious.

  18. MD Hussain says:

    Plot Twist: He turned Dan into a cat.

  19. bigfoot's bundtcake says:

    “you’re supposed to land on your feet, smee”

    Ensue rapid tail flicking

    • QuantumWaltz says:

      “How very rude of you! Don’t point that out- _I_ don’t point out when *you* slip on ice and fall over on the front walk in winter, O Master of the Bipedal Gait”

    • Rob Norris says:

      Rapid tail flicking just before blood drawing full-claw swipe.

  20. Holmesy87 says:

    Smee: 3:46
    Mee: Just take those old records off the shelf!

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