Cat vs Dog – Best Support Class

Cat vs Dog – Best Support Class

If you play human, you want to make sure your team has the best supports. But which classes will give you the best shots at success? Look no further for the answer.
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20 Responses

  1. Henrique Kenzo says:

    The second I read this title in my notification, I started to giggle.

  2. Husl Wusl says:

    What about tree builds? 😀
    The Manchineel tree is fucking o_O because of its high investment in the poison and toxic skill tree.

  3. tolon tolon says:

    u forgot that cats keep black death away. preety useful to mankind

  4. Minandro Cabrito says:

    Who would chose
    Playful;wouldn’t let u go to school
    Calm;would lay down on ur bed like a pillow… and wait for u coming back from school…

  5. GaleblazeXYZ says:

    i love your videos this shit is too much lol

    edit: you just increased your chance of getting my money ❤

  6. Cynical_Bear says:

    I have 2 cats and a dog. My cats are selfish assholes. My dog is best. I love them all though.

  7. Arki Hellen says:

    Do a video on animals that suck blood and why it’s useful and it’s risks.

  8. Robert Leitch says:

    What would you say the best plant build is

  9. Marco Pohl says:

    cat ally here: you’re a liar!

  10. Xegno Plays says:

    Really waiting for that next balance patch to pop off.

  11. YRSV says:

    Do a human one

  12. DeltaHardcore says:

    So I get fearless from this microbe? Why the hell should I get a treatment of it?

  13. lumburgapalooza says:

    Mass Extinction Even = Balance Patch? That’s hilarious.

  14. Mango says:

    make one on Ocean builds, i want to make an ocean build, but I have no idea how, and I need some help
    Also, can you cover human support subclasses, such as the doctor, medic e.t.c, I need to know what they do because I want to pick one of those up as well.

  15. WoL says:

    Oooh, that’s Don’t Starve music!

  16. Scratch-O says:

    I’d like to hear your take on birds, specifically any viable parrot builds. IMO, while they can’t put out an offensive anywhere near as good as the S-tiers and I completely agree that high-A is where they belong at the moment, their support skills are almost as good as dogs’ if they focus on their CHA and related perks. I played bird a couple times and always had fun doing so.
    Not ground birds, of course. Everyone knows you’re just fucking around if you go for a non-cassowary ground bird.

  17. SuiCaedere says:

    I think the cat nerf is absolutely necessary. The current meta is unsustainable, the domestic build cat should be limited to inside play only, and the outside play should be reserved for the original wild variety instead. They really needed it.

  18. jhewes13 13 says:

    Please tell me that’s lands of lore sound track at the beginning!

  19. DiamondCalibre says:

    cat mains absolutely btfo’d, their “skills” exposed! Does your favorite streamer exploit this OP buff and market it as “skill”? It’s more likely than you think!

  20. sombradude27 says:

    Still waiting for the humans in comparison to others in time

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