Catastrophic flooding across western Europe as politicians blame climate change – BBC News

Catastrophic flooding across western Europe as politicians blame climate change – BBC News

More than 120 people have died and hundreds are still missing after record rainfall caused the worst flooding in parts of Western Europe for many decades.

In Germany dozens of people were unaccounted for, with the Chancellor Angela Merkel describing the floods as a catastrophe.

Torrential rain has also devastated parts of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 

Survivors have described the terrifying speed at which water levels rose.
Some politicians in Germany say the extreme weather is the result of global warming and they’re calling for more urgent action to counter climate change.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting – from Jenny Hill in Erftstadt, Germany – Anna Holligan in the Dutch town of Valkenberg – and chief environment correspondent Justin Rowlatt on the threat posed by climate change.

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35 Responses

  1. Berserkir Claws says:

    Politicians blame climate change…
    Population blame the politicians…
    And all large industrials don’t blame anyone they just keep very very quiet right now.

  2. Billy Boy says:

    Sad to see the beautiful German countryside like this.

    • abbash90 says:

      Real face of so called 1st world,the rich society,developed nations😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

    • Krusador42 says:

      The first world is destroyed from within by traitors. However, this is possible only because people have departed from the true faith, which was the prerequisite for the progress of the past.But all the progress of the past came from there and it was not by chance. Envy and gloating will not help you.

    • delete yrslf says:

      @ein Leidensgenosse he isnt a psychopaths, psychopaths dont act like this, all he has is weakness and traits of sociopathy they are like the weak psychopaths

    • Kasjo says:

      @That is That As a German, I honestly understand your point of view very well. But even if you hate NATO and Germany, I want to tell you that many of us are against the enormous arms exports to these countries. We are also in many cases against the constant interventions in other countries, especially under the command of the US. But even if politics is always so democratic to the outside world – in reality, it is not the voters but the industry that has ruled here for a long time. How can it be, for example, that people like Angela Merkel and soon Mr. Laschet, are chancellors and govern with only 25 percent of the votes? The population knows but even no longer who to choose, so that it does not end so. I personally feel meanwhile even something like powerless when it comes to German politics. As I said, I understand your anger and believe me, that many Germans do. But those who suffer from the floods are not the ones who deserve it. It hits, as in Syria the poorest of the poor and if you are angry about that, you should also know how unfair your own statement is.

  3. Talion says:

    Sooo freaking sad to see Germany like this 🙁 but I know u guys will come back even stronger

  4. mark robinson says:

    Really feel for the people of Germany and all those affected. Good luck from the 🇬🇧

  5. luv apple says:

    Pray for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands❤️🙏 Hope that missing family and their pets will be found soon!! From Japan 🇯🇵

  6. Robert Mitchell says:

    God has had enough of this evil sick world!!! Better be found in Jesus Christ as end times are ramping up

  7. Carmela Barujel says:

    My condolences to the Germans who lost their loved ones in the floods.

  8. Headburger Lax says:

    Man I couldn’t hold back my tears when I heard the sorrow and pain in the voice of that French shop owner at 4:31, it must be so hard to have so many things go wrong one after the other like that.

    Je vous souhaite bon courage Monsieur, j’espere que tout va bientot s’arranger et surtout ne vous rendez pas!

    • Hodoss says:

      He’s Belgian, Liège is in the French speaking part of Belgium. Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are all affected. This is massive.

    • Sylvie Umwere says:

      Heartbreaking indeed. My heart goes out to him and everyone facing these difficulties

  9. fy says:

    The force of nature is a terrible thing my heart goes out to these people

  10. Hoem sat says:

    Pray for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands🙏
    GOD BLESS YOU ALL!🙏 From Cambodia❤️

    • Cool Jay says:

      Sorry but God is only judging now. For man had plenty of time to stop his evil ways! Wake up and look around the world. If you love me you will keep my commandments! Said Yeshua Hamashiach not that Jesus character. We will all be judged for how we have treated his people and not keeping his commandments! May Abba Yah(God) bless and protect us.

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