Catcall video goes viral

Fredericka hosts a discussion on the latest video to go viral.

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20 Responses

  1. Henry M. says:

    As a man I’d just like to say that several strangers greeted me today too.
    I should have filmed it, since you know, saying Hello to someone is now
    considered “harassment”.

  2. Ryan McCuistion says:


  3. JonOfTheDead702 says:

    So what are men supposed to do just keep quiet with their penis tucked
    between their legs while a beautiful woman walks by? Whats wrong with
    trying to talk/flirt with them? Thats just nature that shit been going on
    A pretty girl walking through the ghetto streets of new york alone is
    obviously gonna be a target, its fucking NewYork! of all places home of the
    loud obnoxious disrespectful assholes.

    Heres a solution to all you FEMMINISTS if you dont like guys hitting on you
    just ignore them, like the bitch in the video. even though you will be
    coming off as a rude stuckup bitch , thats really all you gotta do…

    Plus if women no longer wish to be hit on, how are men supposed to meet new
    Social Networks???

  4. Hodding Hall says:

    Damn feminists 

  5. yaa a. says:

    The entire time this man was speaking I felt brain cells diminshing.WHO

  6. doublyrefractive says:

    crazy eyes

  7. Sheogorath says:

    This video empowers women. You all should be thankful. I wish I had
    encouraging words shared with me every time I walk down the street. This
    woman is *lucky*.

  8. Daft Monk says:

    straight or gay men will look. I not saying looking is a bad thing but
    have some class and you could get ass, unless she like dat then hola. No
    haters plz YOLO SWAG and Shit

  9. JP90 says:

    The guest female is a stupid loud mouthed cunt.

  10. Chloe' Cherisma says:

    Does the guy not realize that the majority of the guys who say this stuff
    to women on the streets are at least triple the women’s age? 

  11. Michael Marcarian says:

    Guys are figuratively the “Tigers” stalking their pray , we just feel the
    field . These guys have obviously never gotten laid so they are using the
    easiest/ most inconsiderate way to communicate , the “damn she fine ” line 

  12. kirlia759 says:


  13. MabiKristinia says:

    Is this guy really trying to tell two women that he knows how they think
    and they don’t? lmao this is so sad i feel bad for them for having to
    listen to his bullshit

  14. lucio salt says:

    The girl says that a women in detroit got killed for standing up for
    herself, and she saidthat she is scared but also says that she stands up
    for herself aswell

  15. lucio salt says:

    Girl has flawed logic.

  16. Yourmomss138 says:

    Look at least recognize his view point: he recognizes that there is abuse
    towards females in society, but he doesn’t believe in the idea of bullshit
    feminine videos encouraging others to do nonsense, instead females should
    be self strengthened thus strengthens the female society treatment itself.

  17. james mccoy jr says:

    What’s is the big deal ?? Nobody followed her home or tried to touch her.
    Not saying that they had class or anything but COMPLIMENTS won’t kill you.
    Women go through the trouble of getting implants, but they don’t what you
    to compliment them because that’s objectification???

    Plus the girl was wearing tight clothes in the video

  18. L Sorenson says:

    This guy is a huge idiot.

  19. transblender says:

    the only people who are complaining about this video is males and girls who
    have never been cat called lol. 

  20. Gabe Hutch says:

    Can someone say, “Sleezzzzz Bagggg!!”??