Catch the Better Pokémon Alphabet Challenge

Catch the Better Pokémon Alphabet Challenge

Install Raid for Free ✅Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion Jotun💥 New players, head to to vote for your Starter Champion!
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PM7 and I catch one Pokemon for each letter of the alphabet. Whichever Pokemon is better as voted by you gets a point, and the most points at the end wins.
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Edited by Katie Rose
Mytey subscribe animation by Spoody:

Raid: Shadow Legends “Christmas 12 Days of Raid” Prize Promotion. Entry is Open to legal residents of THE 50 UNITED STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (EXCLUDING NEW YORK AND FLORIDA), who are 18 years or older. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Open only to NEW users with a valid Player ID that downloaded Raid: Shadow Legends and opened a Game Account after December 1st, 2022. To install Raid: Shadow Legends for Free, click here Downloading Raid: Shadow Legends is subject to Plarium Terms of Use and Privacy Policy( In-game purchases are available. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR TO WIN A PRIZE. A PURCHASE DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING A PRIZE. Prizes: in-game items and/or Gift Cards, in the value and number as described in the Promotion Official Rules ( Additional Terms may apply on Gift Cards as set forth here ( Prizes will be rewarded randomly, subject to eligibility requirement set forth in the Promotion Official Rules.Promotion Period: December 19th at 00:01 – January 10t at 23:59. Sponsor: Plarium Global Ltd. Administrator: BRAME AG. Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Notice (

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45 Responses

  1. MandJTV Plays says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion Jotun💥 New players, head to to vote for your Starter Champion!

  2. 15 Anico Joaquin says:

    Every time there is a new John Michael cup I always 100% sure John is gonna get a shiny.

  3. BoboPlayer324 says:

    PM7’s luck with shiny Pokémon is so insane, that it doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

  4. Noel — says:

    Watching John get more shinies in 2 minutes than I have found in my entire life hurts.

  5. FanciDani says:

    I love how John just needs to do a challenge with MandJTV to shiny hunt

  6. Gamer Gabe 4.0 says:

    I love how Mikey uses his community for theses challenges. Glad we can feel involved and be participating in the JMC.

    • Lord Remiem says:

      Yea but I cannot believe he was even shocked by the Clodsire 90% result. Has he been living under a rock? Clodsire is getting more appreciation than cats 🤣

    • DawnStealer says:

      @Potatoe972  tbh I must personally say that he chose some of the worst pokemon possible in the letter category. John is way better at catching the cooler/more popular ones so yeah

    • GoodHelmetJunior says:

      @Potatoe972 People who like the Birds that eat the Crabs.

    • Gamer Gabe 4.0 says:

      @Alexander Schakett on the community tab and they last for about an hour or a half.

    • Potatoe972 says:

      What’s the point of voting if the best new Pokémon in the game doesn’t win?! Who wouldn’t vote for thy almighty crab?!!!

  7. Patterrz says:

    Arcanine winning the first round by so much shows the incredible intelligence of the viewers

  8. K-Conn 22 says:

    The insane amount of luck for PM7 to win Round B like that is astounding.

  9. Anthony Kuehn says:

    While doing the form I thought to myself, “imagine that Mikey caught the shiny Bisharp.” I wonder what I was thinking

  10. zagger999 says:

    Love how Mikey freaks out about the voting and somehow John just lucks into everyone voting for him.

    • GoodHelmetJunior says:

      @Erben Glez They gentleman’s agreed to not go for Vaporeon, Mikey said he just completely forgot about Volcarona. Varoom, Veluza, Venonat, Venomoth, Vespiquen, Vigoroth, Vivillon and Voltorb were all losers.

    • Erben Glez says:

      It’s a bit of both. Like Scyther vs Snom was most likely fans voting for silliness over coolness, so that’s just luck. But on others it seemed like Mikey just threw it on purpose, like picking Veluza who is just ugly.

    • snailmix says:

      I think Mikey misunderstands how much people value a meme lol. Like Scyther vs Snom. Scyther is certainly a cooler Pokémon, but Snom is just a little guy. You gotta pick Snom.

    • It’sTurnipTime says:

      Is it luck or him just catching Pokémon with cuter faces that everyone dotes on

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