Catch The Final Shiny Pokemon To Win

Catch The Final Shiny Pokemon To Win

Whoever catches the last Shiny Pokemon before time runs out wins!
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42 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    The ultimate counter to John’s crazy shiny luck, he can get loads of shinies but can’t choose WHEN he gets them

  2. Bruhmomenty says:

    I never thought i would see the day that Michael would get a shiny before John.

  3. Keegan Daurity says:

    The absolute power trip that Mikey felt finding the shiny before the video is hilarious

  4. Amaya Smith says:

    The amount of random stuff that comes from John is just so funny. Like they will have a normal conversation and the next thing you know he’s asking about badgers and mushrooms

  5. Julian Heng says:

    welp seems like Mikey finally broke the curse of John finding a shiny first haha

  6. gh0st says:

    Haven’t even finished the video but I know for a fact that John is gonna find more shinies than I’ve had in my history of playing Pokémon

  7. Rosey_Leaf says:

    I feel like John’s gonna find more shines than I will ever find in my shiny hunting lifespan

  8. Ben Escalera says:

    For the next one of these, john should just randomly shout “A SHINY!!!” even if there isn’t one to see michael’s reaction

    • NeoArashi says:

      Didn’t he do something like that in a earlier episode? He didn’t shout “A shiny (something)!” But he yelled “Oh my god!” With the same excited voice and Mikey immediately though John got a shiny.

  9. Aziz-National Haq says:

    Bruh not only mikey found a shiny before john but also when john found a shiny, mikey started the sponsorship ad in john’s own channel as a redemption 😂

  10. Colm Kirwan says:

    How is John so good at getting shinys it’s unreal

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