Catch The Right Color Pokemon To Win

Catch The Right Color Pokemon To Win

First to catch the wrong color Pokemon 5 times loses!
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45 Responses

  1. PM7 says:

    Huge thanks to Play War Thunder for FREE with my link, and get a massive bonus pack including vehicles, boosters, and lots more!

  2. GLArts_64 says:

    The huge restraint of John not picking Drowzee during the Yellow round is astounding.

    • Константин Лозовой says:

      It’s officially yellow, but I wouldn’t risk catching it for yellow round because its lower half is brown

    • Keith Garner says:

      Why would he pick it? Mikey’s the one in love with it.

    • Regulus King says:

      John probably didn’t catch Drowzee bc he thought Mikey would turn the meme back on him and make it seem John was in love with Drowzee

  3. Drag0n11 says:

    I’m so glad to see Mikey get some shines this time 😅

  4. BlocKoopa says:

    They really should have made orange a category. It would clear up a good amount of confusion.

  5. C. M. Buford says:

    I love how Mikey got several shinies throughout the course of this video. Especially the Shiny Male Pyroar.

  6. TheCakeGarden says:

    The turns have properly tabled this time with Mikey’s shiny luck

  7. arnav OMG says:

    The fact that both Sewaddle and Leavanny are yellow makes it more upsetting that John lost.

  8. Ethan says:

    Geez Mikey getting a shiny before John, never woould have guessed 😅😅

  9. Dieg'HautDeForme says:

    As a colorblind, this is really funny to watch

    Also, 22:25 at first I was wondering “Why none of them are catching Tinkatink? This is the pinkest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life”…. but after that Tatsugiri incident, I understand

    • Cutie Mutie says:

      Thinkatink is pink, but the hammer is purple. So is a clear gamble between red and grey.

    • Captain von Dore says:

      ​@Cutie MutieTinkatink’s hammer is pretty small though we can’t say anything about it. Anyway, I checked and the whole line is pink.

    • Jammington24 says:

      Just for funsies, I made two “monocolor” teams based on official colors.
      The pink one was bulky but didn’t hit hard enough (Tinkaton, Scream Tail, Blissey, Slowbro, Flamigo, and Bewear before the HOME update).
      The purple team was made up of several competitive Pokémon and was kinda good (Corviknight, Great Tusk, Gengar, Mienshao, Indeedee, and Cloyster).

    • Troy Richardson II says:

      @Jammington24Oh yeah, that is a powerful purple team.

  10. HariyanTDM says:

    Every one talking about mikey getting shiny But that CLEARLY ORANGE Tatsugiri classified as pink is OUTRAGEOUS

    • Frostbitedragon says:

      I’m just as upset about spoink and lechonk they made THE PALE GRAY PIG *BLACK* AND THE MOSTLY BLACK PIG *GRAY* .

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