Catch The Right Size Pokemon To Win

Catch The Right Size Pokemon To Win

Whoever catches the Pokemon closest to the randomly picked height wins!
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23 Responses

  1. MandJTV Plays says:

    I will never forget how shell shocked we were for this recording. This felt crazier than finding shinies

  2. Cobalt Prime says:

    Can I just say Shiny Scizor in this game looks perfect. The metallic look in this generation is noice.

  3. jj seas says:

    the fact that Garchomp is only 6’3 is incredibly insane to me. I’ve never looked at garchomp and thought it was anything less than 8-10 feet tall

    • Emmett Bullock says:

      That sounds terrifying until you look at Garchomps Pokédex heaight

    • Broken_Gamer says:

      Same i though it was like 8′ or something. Thats so true.

    • April Michel says:

      The logistics of Pokemon heights are so ridiculous I think it’s safe to just disregard them. Isn’t Charizard like 5’7 and Furret 5’10? I mean, granted, Furret is probably measured from head to the tip of its tail but still, how is a big ferocious dragon shorter than an average adult?

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

      My instincts tell me it should be taller too but I always mentally picture Garchomp next to Cynthia from a scene in the anime and it’s always around her height. That’s how I remember it’s as tall as a human.

    • AeroCaviar says:

      ok but why is an animal-killing shark on land shorter than a mind reading fish

  4. R S says:

    QOTD: I think Scovillain would be named John Michael because each head would have its own name.

  5. galactic pheonix says:

    The fact they tied 5 times in a row on the best height made this video instantly one of the best in the series

  6. AlannaSama says:

    The constant pain of seeing you guys catching the same height Pokémon was amusing and awkward. Loved this video that gave me nonstop laughs

  7. eiya2003 says:

    Quality of life suggestion: It would be nice if you put an indicator on the title of John Michael Cup videos so we can tell their in the series. Something like a JMC at the end or something like that would be nice. Whether you use that suggestion, I don’t know, but the videos are still great!

  8. Larva Tuba Show says:

    Wingull is definitely the most likely pokemon to be called John Michael

  9. Shar says:

    Wait I want those pokemon marbles now, where’d you get these, guy of the John variety?!

  10. AxoLofa says:

    This episode was an emotional rollercoaster. What a ride.

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