Catch the Shiny Pokémon Alphabet Challenge

Catch the Shiny Pokémon Alphabet Challenge

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PM7 and I compete to see who catches the better shiny alphabet of Pokemon, as voted by you!
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Edited by Katie Rose
Mytey subscribe animation by Spoody:

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45 Responses

  1. MandJTV Plays says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days 💥

  2. PQRDG says:

    If you do this type of round again, maybe add a third Pokémon as an option as a control? Then it could be really fun to see if the audience thinks either of your shinies are better than the chosen baseline

    • ツ48planetmango48ツ says:


    • Cookies_hoi says:


    • Garroy says:

      @T perm I admit, pressure was a hard word but I’m pretty sure having thousand of people commentating on PM7 or Purplecliffe or maybe Mikey (we don’t know) IG story or other youtube video or any social media, asking them constantly why Jack and Mikey haven’t done videos together in a while after both Jack and PM7 asked to not ask again and are getting tired of seeing question like this and people not letting go and to respect the fact they don’t do videos together

    • ForgetfulPinkie says:

      @Garroy not sure why you’re making it such a big deal lmao. It was honestly a pretty good suggestion

    • Garroy says:

      @T perm I’m not, you just don’t seem to have read what I said. I said “they don’t feel doing video together.”, “if none of them want atm. maybe they’ll do in the future”. I’m just saying they may not want to do videos together at the moment/now. Purplecliffe and PM7 both said to leave it be.
      where am I making more of than it is?

      P.S. just in case you may think I’m writing angrily or other, I’m writing in lowercase letter because I’m just explaining normally why Mikey shouldn’t be asked, again, to play with Jack when their road splitted and tehy both went their way (even though they’re both still friend with PM7)

  3. Supersolier002 says:

    Always fun to watch John and Michael compete

  4. MisterRai says:

    I’m glad there’s gonna be one more episode, but some of these results makes me mad. I can’t believe Grapploct, Pumpkaboo, Qwilfish and Ribombee lost.

  5. Nick Hilbert says:

    Honestly thought Mikey was going to sweep this at the beginning but oh how the tables have turned for John. But let’s be honest…. We’re cool with this dragging out as long a possible! Very entertaining.

  6. Zacharious McCool says:

    Oh so thats what the poll was for. Lol I didn’t even realize they were going alphabetically. Always a good day to see more videos with you guys.

  7. EnderGamerBoi says:

    this is exactly what I needed after 14 hours of being outside for an inter-school competition, another good ol’ fashioned banter reel between 2 poketubers
    love your content mikey ❤

    • Shriyans Sunderrajan says:

      @EnderGamerBoi same here bro, didn’t win but it was a great experience so nvm

    • EnderGamerBoi says:

      @Shriyans Sunderrajan hm, anyways it’s cool that you were in the same boat as me
      it was so tiring, and I didn’t even win a prize this video was exactly what I needed

    • Shriyans Sunderrajan says:

      @EnderGamerBoi lol quite close but not the same. It was an inter-dav sports competition termed as dav nationals.

    • EnderGamerBoi says:

      @Shriyans Sunderrajan was it an inter-dps?

    • Shriyans Sunderrajan says:

      Bro by any chance, you are from india? I know this is not that big a coincidence but even i was out for 14 hours for an inter school competition and just returned

  8. personifiedcat says:

    I love how PM7 went for shiny Espeon apparently not realizing it is one of the most controversial shiny eeveelutions. A lot of people dislike that alien green for Espeon.

  9. CorndogTheTurtwigg says:

    Every time Mikey posts, a part of my soul is restored. I love this!!!

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