Catch Your Pokemon Only Knowing Its Pokedex Entry

Catch Your Pokemon Only Knowing Its Pokedex Entry

Catch your Pokemon only knowing its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to win!
🏆John Michael Cup Season 2 Playlist:

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31 Responses

  1. Cj Santos says:

    Can’t be a John Michael cup episode without John getting a shiny and Mikey getting upset about it 🤣🤣

  2. Julia Callahan says:

    John getting all the shinies is hysterical, good for you

  3. Heavenly Father a.k.a god says:

    i think i can speak for all when i say we all were waiting for this again to have more content from these lovely youtubers that dont get too competitive. Also get mikey a drowzee plush for christmas

  4. Austin Pokevids says:

    Funny thing,Komala’s Dex entry about the anesthesia drool is a reference to koalas being able to process eucalyptus leaves,despite them being toxic to other animals.

  5. Michael Mahagaputra says:

    Let’s goo, so hyped for season 2 of John Michael cup!

    Watching John casually got 4 shinies without trying while Mikey struggles to find one on his first playthrough is really something

  6. scottlil01 says:

    4 shinies in one competition video is absolutely wild luck. Congrats on that John!

    Looking forward to the rest of Season 2 of the John Michael Cup.

  7. Michael Nelson says:

    Season 2 started earlier than expected; I thought they would’ve waited until at least January. Also don’t worry, Mikey. You’re not the only one who’s been having rough shiny luck: I only found my first one (Venomoth) this week, and none since.

  8. infinitymechanism says:

    So stoked this game and the John Michael cup are back! 🎉❤

  9. K.A.R.M. Productions says:

    This is so much fun to watch. I’m so glad season 2 of the John Michael Cup is here ^.^

  10. bubbee9382 says:

    Seeing Michael getting triggered at John’s luck at casually getting shinies was both painful and hilarious.

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