Catching a SHARK by HAND!

Catching a SHARK by HAND!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and the crew discover their first tide pool shark! …and Coyote catches it with his barehands!

Get ready, this is one tide pool adventure not to be missed!

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58 Responses

  1. Fiona DIY says:

    He’s Channel ais Never ClickBait 😀

  2. Vito Roberto says:

    That shark is so damn cool.

    The first one to like my comment will be the shark

  3. Smart Racoon says:


  4. Pitbull Nation says:


    (dramatic music in backround)

  5. DMX 25 says:

    Can u Catch a great white with your hands 🤔 there a 💯% chances

  6. Taina Santiago says:

    Does the shark bite or no

    • Joshua Abadano says:

      Usually no. I think they do bite when annoyed or threatened. But their teeth are blunted and made for crushing and grinding. I’ve almost been bitten by one before xD

    • groudon gaming lots of games! says:

      He said he would be fine if it bit

  7. Aaliyah Mipanga says:

    When you notice that you cant go to the beach…
    Im jeaalous ;-;

  8. sunny yean says:

    Wit you did not know since sharks have golds they should be chocking on land

    • xDirtyxBurgerx says:

      It’s like a person holding their breath under water it won’t kill them immediately it will just make them uncomfortable for a bit

    • balthiersgirl Callumfrancisseaton2009 says:

      sunny yean I have no idea what you have just wrote it’s not English

    • Bzhz Babzsbhd says:

      balthiersgirl Callumfrancisseaton2009 “wtf didn’t you know that sharks have gills they should be choking on land.” You’re welcome

  9. Midget Kangaroo says:

    Lol it sounded like coyote was mocking Mark when he said “oh my gosh a shark!”

  10. SaltyGoatFish says:

    What an adorable little shark.

  11. BoogieFortniteKing says:

    Howe come you know all about insects and animals but cant say the pluaral version of octipus
    4:49 its octipi

    • ickcat says:

      Actually, it is “octopuses” not octipi/octopi. “Octopi” just became popularized due to the lack of use of “octopuses”, and is now accepted as the correct form of the word. The word “octopus” comes from the Greek dictionary, and the plural “octopodes” was changed to “octopuses” in English. That being said, when me and my classmates were out on the field a few months ago for our final, we saw an octopus and started talking about the plurals; we ended up taking inspiration from the 1983 James Bond movie Octopussy, and decided to call multiple octopuses “octopussies” for fun. Now I can’t stop and it’s going to get me in some level of trouble in the future c:

    • Ozwirk Leon says:

      ickcat what do u expect his name has fortnite in it

    • Henry Boothroyd says:

      Octopodes or octopuses not octopi. It is on sauces new vid on dong. I think it’s a German word, idk though

    • groudon gaming lots of games! says:

      Its actualy octopodes

  12. Drama Llama Crafts says:

    That is the cutest little shark ever !!!! 🦈 💕

  13. The Legendary Red X says:

    Isn’t that the shark we saw in the clip from last video 😂

  14. Jenny Garcia says:

    Y would someone dislike an educational vid

  15. Dragon Spark says:

    You should find a kiwi in NZ

  16. Luka Soldo says:

    Nice video

  17. Primitive Real Life says:

    Very brave man. I like you.

  18. Andrea Rodriguez says:

    That’s a Cute shark Congrats😃💝👏

  19. Jona Ration says:

    Omg the shark isssss sssooooo cute!!!!!!when cayote pick it up the shark open it mouth and itsss ssoooooo cccccuuuuttteee adorable oommmgg!!!😜😜😜😁😁😁

  20. ZLATAN ibrahimović says:

    I see the shark in last episode
    See episode with octopus 0:48

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