Catchphrase with Jim Parsons, Miles Teller and Wiz Khalifa

Catchphrase with Jim Parsons, Miles Teller and Wiz Khalifa

Jimmy and Jim Parsons team up against Miles Teller and Wiz Khalifa for a tense game of Catchphrase.

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Catchphrase with Jim Parsons, Miles Teller and Wiz Khalifa

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20 Responses

  1. Jumbo B says:

    This is one of the best catchphrases on Jimmy Fallon ever. Miles Teller is
    my Bae. Jim Parsons is my life and Wiz is my homeless woman 

  2. rezzie r says:

    When Miles said it was a Taylor Swift song, Wiz went like “who da fock is
    Taylor Swift?”.

  3. Abbow says:

    What’s Higher than the sky ?
    Wiz Khalifa 

  4. Travers says:

    He’s sooooo high!!! Yeaaaaah… :D

  5. Jack T says:

    That connection on the handshake at the end with wiz and miles tho!

  6. CAMILO says:

    wiz best fan of taylor swift

  7. Mo1518 says:

    @3:39 Hahahahaha yesss, that was the best face I’ve ever seen Wiz make!

  8. Kyle Davis says:


  9. BeautyBlack1990 says:

    Now he knows a Taylor Swift song

  10. Brad Spice says:

    ha! his name means urine XD

  11. 619ck154 says:

    Watching this video I was like “Wiz is high, this is probably gonna be a
    train wreck” and the dude killed it

  12. yasso233 Nacef says:

    omg the movie comes out on my birth day ! yay :3 

  13. loungeblogger says:

    there’s only one guy in that bunch I would not like to meet in a dark

  14. Sahel Jade says:

    Man, Miles, killed it

  15. Arnelle R S Guytano says:

    Jim Parsons & Jimmy Fallon = Worst but funniest team ever hahaha.

  16. tania mapp says:

    His face at 3:40 priceless.I was dying of laughter

  17. Kathy Edwards says:

    LOL at Wiz and MY GOD Jim Parson’s is so SHELDON

  18. Candy Swift says:

    Wiz has been so high in the last 7 months he missed the cathchiest and most
    played song on the radio

  19. New Channel is Rlvntsmind says:

    Its so sick that wiz and miles dap eachother rather than handshakes

  20. AppstoreApps mTouch says: