“Catfishing” on the Warrior River

“Catfishing” on the Warrior River

This puts a new spin on the term catfishing.

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20 Responses

  1. DALLMYD says:

    That’s awesome! haha

  2. Ricardo Cooper says:

    Pardon me sirs, but do yall have some fish?

  3. potaphkatsarida says:

    did you look up around later? there maybe more kittens who were afraid to

  4. Isabelle Farleigh says:

    omg ty so much for having a heart ♥ They were so happy to see you there!

  5. Sylvia Maunder says:

    Thank you, gentlemen, for saving those babies. I hope they found good
    homes,mid you didn’t cave in and keep them yourselves.

  6. seidimeow says:

    This made my day!! Thank you so much for saving their lives!!

  7. neettim says:

    +fappy hour lmao reading this just totally ruined the good vibe from this

  8. Giraffe George says:

    You weren’t kitten about it being cat fishing

  9. ShaneyPo0 says:

    Thats fuckin awesome. They were friendly as fuck when they got on the boat

  10. ajmebrale says:

    are you kitten me?

  11. 7Sniperz says:

    wew it so cute

  12. Martino Voltolini says:

    The harvest was good that day

  13. Leo Lu says:

    are you kitten me

  14. Panuwat Pantakod says:

    Let’s go catting!

  15. MasterProzac says:

    What the hell cat swim?

  16. netricho says:

    You gotta be kitten me right meow. Well done! :3

  17. Mulinaster says:

    You guys seem like really good guys but I’m sorry, I just wanted to reach
    through my screen and give them some FOOD. Did you guys feed them right
    after this was taken? They looked fairly desperate and REALLY thin… the
    only reason they would be willing to just swim off like that towards
    unknown humans that I can imagine is because they were friggin starving.
    Please tell me some food was on the boat.

  18. Shahin Wadud says:

    It might be fake. I think they were pet.

  19. Pdogg Nz says:

    Nothing weird, Just a couple of Catfish

  20. Pennystudio99 says:

    Thank you for saving those kitties! I hope they needed up safe and warm.