Catherine Steals Spotlight at Opulent Jordanian Wedding with Impeccable Fashion Choice

Catherine Steals Spotlight at Opulent Jordanian Wedding with Impeccable Fashion Choice

When it comes to grace and elegance, the Princess of Wales, kate Middleton, never fails to mesmerize us. The stylish royal recently attended the opulent wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Al-Saif in Jordan, and she stole the show with her flawless fashion choices. Decked out in a custom-made Elie Saab gown, Kate looked like a true English rose, radiating sophistication and charm.

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36 Responses

  1. Katherine Lehmann says:

    Catherine’s choice of dress shows sensitivity to the local culture.

  2. Marisol Acenso says:

    El.. Vestido es precioso y ella se veía, increíble y el príncipe William Guapisimo Una Pareja Hermosa ♥️

  3. Deanne Shane says:

    Shows the class she has by modifying the gown. Thats what respect is

  4. Susan Dymock says:

    She didn’t steal the spotlight but she did look wonderful.

    • Obi-Wan KeDogi says:

      Right? It’s ridiculous how every channel has to go for division. I mean, can we just stick to the fact that while Prince William and Princess Catherine looked great and are so far above those 2 in California?! 😂

    • Cynergy1969 says:

      ​@Obi-Wan KeDogi How can they be above when you Kate does know how to hold a coherent conversation you can understand.?

    • Sallynse 2 says:

      @Cynergy1969 stupidly sugary much

    • Griffin Mathers says:

      I think that had to be a bot, as the sentence was barely legible.

    • Kookaburra Laughs says:

      It was the brides day and she looked amazing, Catherine also did, but the focus was on the bride as it should be, her gown was gorgeous a beautiful bride. Catherines colours of both her gowns were gorgeous, she looked elegant and beautiful as she always does along side her handsome husband. What a wedding that would have been to attend, it would have been amazing.

  5. Christina Takacs says:

    Beautiful gown, beautiful lady.

  6. maybe baby says:


  7. Northern Light says:

    Catherine and William both look great, so proud of them. Queen Rania always looks stunning, she has great taste and never puts a foot wrong.

  8. Muhammad Nimji says:

    She didn’t steal anything!. She looked elegant without drawing attention to herself.

  9. Mary Hill Jensen says:

    Ethereal and stunning, but HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales would never steal the lime light. The bride was gorgeous! Prince William was elegant and regal.

  10. vonnie336b says:

    She didn’t steal the limelight, but she did look lovely.

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