CATS – Official Trailer [HD]

CATS – Official Trailer [HD]

This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie


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43 Responses

  1. Francisco Casas says:

    There’s no way they released this trailer thinking it would be received well.

  2. DeathSkull says:

    Damn Hollywood fell harder than Jason Derulo’s career.

  3. poizinmac armortrim says:

    Was the horror show CGI cat face thing really necessary?

  4. Lukey Antinoro says:

    Us a few months ago: wow yikes sonic in the new movie looks horrifyING

    Us now: can we GO BACK PLS

  5. Average Joe says:

    So these actors had to wear full body green suits for this entire movie
    Imagine how much they much hated themselves for deciding to be in this movie.

  6. A Random Rat says:

    *The live action Garfield movie is looking great!*

  7. Rolando Hernandez says:

    This will make more money if they rebrand it as a horror movie

  8. Alex Sherman says:

    Cats is DEFINITELY meant to stay on stage smh

  9. My opinion doesn't matter says:

    Sonic Movie: uh… meow?
    Universal: Write that down! Write that down!

  10. Snail says:

    God, I would’ve been fine with Air Bud-esque cg animals, but this. Anything is better than this.

  11. Hi Bye says:

    Forget “IT” or “Annabelle.” “Cats” is truly the horror movie of the century.

  12. Yugeceo says:

    Nobody told me that there was going to be a sequel for Cat in The Hat

  13. Lebron James says:

    I thought the Will Smith genie and sonic live action model were nightmare fuel

    This shit just took the whole damn cake

  14. Yoshi Taba says:

    I don’t need a movie. I just want a revival of Cats on broadway again 🙁

  15. THANOS says:

    i never liked cats..

    say the word and i will snap my fingers..

  16. Il change my name in 90 days says:

    These are not the cat girls that I wanted to find in Area 51

  17. Basement Dweller Cosplay says:

    Sonic: we created the scariest cgi creature ever
    Cats: Hold my cat nip

  18. Aries says:

    2017-rise of meme culture
    2018-rise of T-series
    2019-RISE OF THE FURRIES!!!!!!

  19. poisonousmaple7 says:

    Me: There will never be a more horrifying CGI creation than live-action Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Cats trailer: Hold our milk!

  20. Taylor Swift says:

    Everyone hating on #Cats is going to end up seeing it twice…

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