Caught in Providence: Car Clock

Caught in Providence: Car Clock


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20 Responses

  1. Hermit says:

    In Soviet Russia she would have been thrown in the gulag…

  2. SaphricPCGaming says:

    They should fire the person who gave that ticket.

  3. CJ Pwnhouse says:

    So it’s not “Hey let’s find the retard officer who issued this and
    investigate why he’s being a cunt.” Nope, just laugh it off. Hahaha!

  4. Trung Fu says:

    This seems like a chill dude that likes to fuck with people. I also had a
    judge that fucked with people. When I was a teen, me and a friend stole a
    road cone while driving down the road. Some asshat behind us reported us to
    the police. When we went to court over it, the judge looked at it, chuckled
    and said, “This is a special crime that deserves a special punishment.” He
    then sentenced us to do community service in a special home. A special home
    as in a retarded home. True story.

  5. Danny Paul says:

    If OJ Simpson can get aware with murder so can this woman.

  6. Johnny Wang says:

    so i don’t get it, is this a show or real people?

  7. Gregory Van Der Mewve says:

    Big joke stealing money from people for parking their car.

  8. cydisc says:


  9. daddyleon says:

    jeesus… what a dumb fucking cop.
    restart your carreer, dude. go back to college.

  10. Teeb Seeb says:

    10 years dungeon.

  11. Cucha Racha says:

    Hey next time you issue a ticket like that, shove it up your ass first.

  12. RAIN says:

    Yeah this is funny and all but that cop literally wasted everyones time.
    Does he not have better things to do?

  13. Adam : RKsnoozer says:

    You can park before 10pm but I can’t buy alcohol the night before my 18th
    birthday. WTF is this about?

  14. Md Device says:

    her time and money that went into dealing with this ‘ticket’ should also be
    compensated for at city expense.

  15. robjapan says:

    The fact that this even went to court is a joke.

  16. truthsmiles says:

    She admitted she parked at 9:58, so she knew she was taking a risk. Nice

  17. grinningchicken says:

    10 years hard labor! Get this scum outta my sight!

  18. molon labe says:

    in the meantime you can buy crack two miles away

  19. schmoyoho says:

    best duo in late night television

  20. GaborBartal says:

    Assistant looks like Bobby from the Sopranos

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