Cavaliers try leaving early in loss to the Knicks

Cavaliers try leaving early in loss to the Knicks

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  1. Cross says:

    They lost to the Knicks?

  2. Thomas Gandarilla says:

    When you pull up to the house party wit the squad but the hoes not even there

  3. Lufe Moke says:

    trending is a great place to see people get triggered by the video trending. it’s pretty funny

  4. A very strange doggo ? says:

    Cleveland starting to look like a nursery home with all these old ass players on the roster

  5. MrShehateme12288 says:

    cav’s aint looking too good without kyrie..

  6. Conor McGregor says:

    Soft ass mf’ers πŸ˜‚

  7. Leivin Pavon says:

    The disrespect .. you just got your ass handed to by my shitty knicks, man the fuck up and wait 3 seconds.

  8. Jenny G says:

    Cavs and Warriors are losing it this year so far. Unprofessional af.

    • V Vito says:

      Jenny G i tried hard to hold back but i have nothing to lose cuz i dont know u ao fuck it. I WANT TO PULL YOUR SHOES AND SOCKS OFF AND SMELL YOUR BARE FEET SO BAD! LICK THOSE SOLES SUCK THOSE TOES AND RUB THEM ALL OVER MY FACE. Booyaaaa i feel better

    • wut'sIt2yuh huh? says:

      V Vito I bet you get all the ladies all the time

    • Jenny G says:

      V Vito wow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Travis Warren says:

      The Cavs are hot garbage rn but GSW will almost certainly cruise to the top seed in the west

    • i94Rules says:

      Jenny G both teams are full of shallow and pompous morons. I hope their team planes crash into each other because they’re the pussiest generation of basketball by far it’s pathetic

  9. Slade Wind says:

    Cavs get double penetrated by New York this past week. Lmao wtf is going on?!

    Two worst teams in the league

  10. Him VS Her says:

    Please help support our love and subscribe to my channel. I wanna hit 100 so bad! I will support anyone as well.

  11. Yung Christ says:

    Scripted sports doing scripted things.

    Hey the Lakers are relevant again.

  12. Kevin Smith says:

    Should this be trending? Maybe, I don’t know. But when I’m scrolling through the comments trying to find a discussion about the video, I get really sick of hundreds of idiots angry about what YouTube puts on their trending page. It’s not unique or interesting. It’s just annoying for people trying to talk about the video.

  13. longdick69 says:

    man this some bull shit

  14. Nep's pudding says:

    I wonder how much this channel paid to be on trending

  15. 21 Sandwich says:

    WE GET IT!! “How is this trending” Can y’all shut the fuck up?!!

  16. 808bboarder says:


  17. Darien Ford says:

    This is the second times this guys has been on the trending page with false accusations. Is he the troll of the NBA?

  18. dorito says:

    I blame the coaching staff and lebron. I see why kyrie left. He prolly got tired of this shit in the locker room

  19. smokey 3616 says:

    HEIL the Jews up at corporate

  20. Bradford Johnson says:

    You’re an idiot

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