Cavuto: Loyalty works both ways, Mr. President

Cavuto: Loyalty works both ways, Mr. President

How can you drain ‘The Swamp,’ if you keep throwing mud?

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20 Responses

  1. Francesco says:

    Well he already killed the healthcare reform many times.
    Trump is not a good negotiator, the only thing he does is threatening people to do as he wish or something bad will happen to them…which can work when he was just s limy businessman that scammed people but now he is the president but he doesn’t actually have power over senators and congressmen.
    Many republican senators represents states that Trump lost so they don’t give a shit about his threat so he should start acting smart.

  2. President Oso says:

    Trump is insane! If you agree with Rex that Trump is a moron give me a thumbs up!!!! And if you have a sense of humor check out my President and His Gang in Prison cartoon where Fox heroes Sessions, Bannon and Pence make surprise appearances!

  3. Missyd 21 says:

    Bullying and demeaning on social media has caused teens to commit suicide. Here we have adults who should be setting examples for our youth in our country using it in the same way to bully each other. It’s pretty sad.

  4. Mark Green says:

    Trump is acting so childish that even Fox is finding it too embarrassing to keep supporting him, except for Hannity and Ingraham. Even Carlson has stopped supporting Trump and now just exclusively attacks liberals.

  5. John Doe says:

    Tired of winning yet?

  6. adri Bam says:

    Dear sane people in the comments: people who have stuck to Trump this long are having a really hard time admitting that they elected a baboon as president, so their egos are still a little sore. They’ll be shouting “fake news” at anything that they don’t agree with, itself a phrase popularized by the man that they so vehemently defend. Trump said it best: he could literally kill someone and not lose a supporter. Meanwhile we’re just going to have to wait 8 years for a decent, sane human being to apply as the republican representative. Sorry gang: it’s going to be a long 8 years

  7. curandero verde says:

    Trump is an idiot and so are his supporters….

  8. eden 1 says:

    when you deal with animals who will eat their own …tweeting about it is as good as a wipe and chair.
    they were never his friend or ours.
    if they are, they will understand and roll with it, because it is suppose to be about what is right and not what gets you power ( ie the clinton way) “RIGHT”.
    they serve them selves and not those who put them there ie us

  9. Wyatt Smith says:

    LMAO Trump supporters are so far up his ass they can’t see the light of day. There is absolutely no convincing those fools.

    I swear, when Trump gets impeached, they’ll STILL be out here calling it ‘fake news’.

  10. Qader Eshpari says:

    Good job proud of you

  11. Julie Schneider says:

    Neil, you are awesome. Insightful and honest.

  12. Rob Schaap says:

    Swamp draining was always hilarious. That’s like saying Hillary is for family values. Speaking of, the Mercer family is the right wing version of Soros. Keeping Bannon a float, now funding all these primary challengers… How about all the Goldman Sachs people he’s surrounded by?? Any idea of how much money he’s blowing needlessly on travel, or at his resorts… that his cabinet is blowing? My favorite – Mar a Lago is billing us for hotel fees for the secret service and staff accommodations… Millions…. go look up the invoices. Wanna guess how much it costs us for him to be at his resorts 20% of his term so far? You ok when he’s diving into campaign donations to pay his legal fees? This is surface level shit there are so many accusations of where the family is profiting … you’d need to just have your ears open to real news from any outlet beyond Breitbart.

  13. Ichy Mcgee says:

    Still kissing the crazy pussy grabbers ass! Come on MAN we ALL See it except for the crazy ones still clinging to their guns and god. He has FUCKED everyone in this country and the ones that voted for him are still not paying attention.

  14. ohthelushlife says:

    “tweeting out these tacky insults seems beneath you”….no, it WOULD be beneath an actual president, it’s totally to be expected from an insecure, mentally-deficient chimp like trump.

  15. Rocket Man says:

    Sounds like you’re regretting, but don’t worry, he won’t change

  16. TheRealBuddyB says:

    F%ck Neil Cavuto

  17. BlueShaman'sFriend says:

    Manafort will be indicted and convicted.

    Flynn will be indicted, flipped as a witness and given a soft sentence.

    Kushner will be indicted at least on a NY state level and convicted. Maybe daddy can give him tips on how to survive prison.

    Donald Jr will be used as leverage against Trump.

    The IRS will give Mueller a folder with a big red bow on it. Contained within will be everything needed to convict Trump of tax evasion and money laundering in NY state. Trump has no power to pardon state crimes. This evidence will be shown to Trump and the Senate. I’m swimming in schadenfreude at the thought of this. Karma well spent.

    Trump then will be offered what they offered Nixon. Trump will not accept. He will be forcibly removed from office. NY state will quietly not indict Trump on money laundering and tax evasion simply because it will be too messy to do this to a sitting President. No one should be above the law but welcome to this reality.

    Pence will be sworn in as President and again shall demonstration his inability to govern. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  18. Brad Miller says:

    Just what we needed… another lecture from the media

  19. GuyCN says:

    Trump has been such a fucking disaster I can stand watching Fox

  20. Wening Tyas says: –> for cool reaction by moslem

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