CDC Recommends No Gatherings Of More than 50 People For The Next 8 Weeks | TODAY

CDC Recommends No Gatherings Of More than 50 People For The Next 8 Weeks | TODAY

There was a massive meltdown at key international airports as American rushed home ahead of new travel restrictions and the CDC suggested Americans avoid gatherings of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY from Reagan National Airport.
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CDC Recommends No Gatherings Of More than 50 People For The Next 8 Weeks | TODAY

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96 Responses

  1. Justin Thyme says:

    Liquor stores are going to be cleaned out.

    • Lucy Renée says:

      LOL. I hope not. But it’s probably true that many people who can’t stand their own company need to drink…how sad; that’s going to rob them of the nutrients they get and need from the food they (hopefully) consume.

    • Justin Thyme says:

      @Lucy Renée Perhaps it’s a nagging wife that necessitates the drink…

    • NoName718 says:

      Justin Thyme mgtow, save your soul

  2. C BowWow says:

    “Everybody needs to stay home and keep your distance from others”

    Meanwhile inside the TP warzones (stores)

    • Charles V Swenson says:

      @Gen J – They are stocking up on TP in the belief that IF (‘when’ in their minds) the economy collapses and money becomes worthless, they can barter the TP they hoarded for other items like food.
      Personally, I wouldn’t trade any of my food for their TP because I can always find substitutes for TP a lot easier than they can find substitutes for food LOL.

    • laurie sturdevant says:

      Your Seat At The Table May you have enough tp when that feeling in your gut resolves itself!

    • Gen J says:

      @Charles V Swenson Oh I didn’t see it that way. I would rather do alternatives too.

    • Kara A says:

      @Alex C. We ordered ours online. 100 rolls arriving tomorrow.

    • Kara A says:

      @Alex C. You can only order so much now probably because the gov’t is about to put us all on rations for life, including food.

  3. cattigereyes1 says:

    The cruise ship infected were put on planes and transported to there home towns spreading the infected nation wide! Incompetence at the highest levels of government!

  4. jessica bradshaw says:

    The airlines are not “the linchpin” of companies and with the profits they made they should be well set to survive a downturn without a government bailout

    • Loll Ger. says:

      Airlines have extremely tight margins.

    • Alien Citizen says:

      @Coco Taveras Some of these companies burn through money as fast as they get it.

    • Penelope Nichols says:

      Why can’t businesses Skype?

    • Matthew Wolf says:

      @Coco Taveras This in a nutshell is what is wrong with Americans. A fundemental lack of understanding of economics and business. You think that these large companies have all the money in the world just set aside to pay for whatever you think they should be paying for. You dont even know the difference between Revenue and profit. There simply isnt billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines in almost any business- especially the airlines. Maybe with Apple there is, but 99% of companies run their budgets pretty much the same way most americans do- they spend every dime they take in- be that on actual cost of goods, taxes, insurance, wages, benefits, dividends, interest payments on debt… IF something happens like a virus shutting down the business they cant pay their employees- they have to be bailed out.

    • Charles V Swenson says:

      @Coco Taveras – I find it a little difficult to OK bailouts when these companies brag about their immense yearly profits in the Billions of dollars.

  5. M P says:

    Can you imagine how many folks have been exposed to covid 19 while they were getting through the airports? What a disaster! 😱😰😱

  6. Trace Ford says:

    CDC: For public safety we recommend no gathering of 50 people or more.
    Retail stores: Yeah, no.


    Why can’t we bail out small business in America? These will be hurt the most , walmart and the banks are gonna be ok.

  8. R' merac says:

    Why are we, then, slowing down airports to allow hundreds of people to cluster?

    • O&A Fan Videos says:

      What are they supposed to do? Line people outside in the winter? No one should be traveling, and after this funnel is cleared, there shouldn’t be an issue.

    • jo's peaches says:

      Ok and hes still has his STAGE,STAGED WITH OTHER PEOPLE CRAMMED ON HIS STAGE!!does he still need a group of dummies “staged” for him to speak??gawd help us alllllll

    • Iamlove Iampeace says:

      NO ONE SAID THAT ALL AMERICANS HAD TO FLY BACK AT ONCE! They could have flown back on the date that was already planned for their return flight. In flights are closed to any NON Americans. It was their decision to panic and try to fly out all at once.

    • Josh Cappello says:

      What are they supposed to do just let everybody enter our country no questions asked? Those people chose to travel no one forced them

    • Sam Clemmons says:

      Because President stable genius needed something flashy for his press conference.

  9. Mz Behave says:

    Complaining about the lines?? They are going on an enclosed plane with recycled air 🙄

  10. Cherry Roman says:

    I’m not scared of the virus I’m scared of the economy! Jobless people , no income etc people are going to do riots ,the crime rate smh

    • sam m says:

      @Drayke Black it’s not chaos for no reason. it is for good reason. take it seriously. europe didn’t and now they are suffering because it is out of control. this also kills the young and healthy.

    • Mind Your Business says:

      Cherry Roman you watch way too many movies lol. Be realistic

    • David Webb says:

      LMAO I love the idiots running to the store buying up stuff. Because of a super flu. We are seeing the real AMERICA. A bunch of wimps. Scared of anything. Here is the reason Bernie and Biden you will not get my gun. Because of these stupid people.

    • Von Villarreal says:

      Aye you should be

    • guardianangel138 says:


  11. Roberto Morales says:

    Every 10 years or so there’s always a new terror.

  12. MrMassproduce201 says:

    Forget low interest loans “cheap debt”,
    We need mortgage forgiveness and eviction dismissals.

    • TheLotusFlower says:

      @Tribe of judah Lion – Just stop with your crazy religious nonsense. It’s true that this country was built off of oppressing people, but if “god” actually existed he/she would not have allowed human beings to be enslaved and treated worse than animals for hundreds of years in the first place, all in the name of building a country that worships capitalism and the almighty dollar. So spare me your “repent” garbage.

    • SRTHEMIMOPAR says:

      Sounds 2 me like you cryin for free stuff..hellz yeah I want my house in Arizona paid off but I have to pay it not my government or moms or my kids!

    • Brad M says:

      @nosuchthing8 “just in time for winter”?? Its half way through March.

    • Brad M says:

      @REDDATEK Wouldn’t it be easier to pay back the loan instead of wasting all the time trying to dodge your responsibility??

    • Tim Bennett says:

      Yeah we need free money for people who bought all that stuff they couldn’t afford. Forget the people who were responsible and tried to save up for it…….

  13. Wilderness Voice says:

    They need to wipe out the populations debt this time instead of this globalist generated take over. If they want me to stay home for over a month they need to let me grab some of my 401k tax & penalty free!

  14. shila chowdhury says:

    what about people using buses and trains across states and being in them for long hrs, like going from NY to MI? are they being checked?

  15. Torontopia says:

    Oh please, this is America, profits come first and your health, your life, is just an after-thought!

  16. Catherine Jones says:

    I feel bad for high school seniors, their last months are in quarantine

    • Aron James says:

      @Jay David it’s not fear mongering. I was sick for 6 weeks for a flu like viral pneomonia and I still can’t breathe right and I’m only 26.

    • Mike Pondo says:

      Seniors will get over it. This is a good. Life. Lesson.

    • Jay David says:

      @Aron James It sorta is.. Yes, a few people may have problems afterwards, but that’s not what most reasonable experts on this position say.. Most of the symptoms are minor for COVID 19.. South Korea has a 0.6% Death rate..

    • Agirlfriend says:

      @Dana Maupin Yes but you are more likely to die in a car accident than this virus ? So it’s not as serious compared to other things in life. Most people are surviving from this than dying but no one is talking about that part.

    • Once I fell says:

      The real scary thing about coronavirus is how fast it can spread😷

  17. Whisker Biscuit says:

    the virus will be blamed for the economy. not the bankers and politicians who sold everyone out

  18. Peter Picallo says:

    When Weird Al Yankovic does sign language, you know you are in trouble…

  19. snakeyezZZ says:

    It’s interesting how quickly things escalated in my country (Slovenia). Day 1: government recommends no big gatherings, some universities close. Day 2: all gatherings above 500 ppl banned. Day 3: all gatherings above 100 ppl banned. Day 4: all public events forbidden. Day 5: All schools closed (universities, high schools, primary, kindergartens). People talking about closing the capital. Day 6 (today): whole country closed (public road transport, shops, bars, everything), except pharmacies, gas stations, and food stores with limited opening time. Day 7 (tomorrow): all airplane traffic closed . Streets are empty throughout the country, everybody is staying at home (except people who absolutely must be at work). Today we have 250 infected, 1 death.

  20. Jose Ramos says:

    Finally this lady’s not smiling every day like they have everything together… 🤔

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