Cedric The Entertainer Jokes About Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock | TMZ

Cedric The Entertainer Jokes About Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock | TMZ

Cedric the Entertainer made Will Smith the butt of a joke at an Oscars after-party … keeping Jada Pinkett Smith’s name out of his mouth, and warning Will impersonators.

The joke is all on video, and it’s great … just watch Cedric do his thing. Maybe Chris Rock could take a few pointers.

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60 Responses

  1. Boo Chi says:

    This is just the beginning…Will will be in the jokes and comedy for a while.

  2. Thomas Coleman says:

    Jada was the joke, Will was the Punchline.

  3. Bridgette Coneal says:

    Now Will will hear many more Jokes about his family!

    • D. Foxx says:

      @CeeWorld I know comedians as a default will be with Chris, but that don’t Chris is exempt from getting clowned either. Because comedians can easily make fun of Chris for letting himself get slapped. Idk why y’all think comedians won’t make fun of all sides of the story. Comedians always take different perspectives. How can you not make a joke out of someone who go slapped? That’s instinctual.

    • Scorpio Indigo says:

      @Kiki Williamson no he didn’t

    • Scorpio Indigo says:

      But he won’t be disrespected to his face no more…worth it

    • Admiral Xizor says:

      Will comedians take shots at Will’s wife? Probably yes.

      Will they do it to Will’s face? Probably not.

    • Super Pixelated says:

      No please don’t do it. It is a medical condition

  4. christianz2010 says:

    I hope more comedians come in defense of comedy

  5. Caleb says:

    It’s just the beginning😂😂😂comedians will have a field day with this

  6. Lil Home State 🇺🇸 says:

    What Will Smith did to Chris Rock is now officially comedic gold and this will forever be attached to Will and he’s going to get dragged for it forever

    • El Sparky says:

      @Redrum lol, well the 100 mil dollar home doesn’t seem to be stopping him from becoming a miserable basket case, and a shell of his former self. Never heard the phrase, money doesn’t buy you happiness? He’s a prime example

    • Joe Harper says:

      @Redrum Lol, your comment though…

    • Dee J says:

      @Juan Arellano u know nothing about black hair we take pride in our hair gtfoh

    • Ren Coop says:

      @no name Jaiden defending his dad because he needs Will the same energy for his weird choices. Will is going to be Oprah in the color purple with his family. “All my life I have had to fight “

    • Mo M says:

      crazy f*cked up thing about it is that women and men are bashing him for it but if he didnt stick up for Jada and decided to keep laughing while she was obviously upset the women would have dragged him for that too, “omg youre not a real man you cant even stick up for your wife”. people are choosy and dumb.

  7. Rex Byron says:

    What a legend Cedric can do it anywhere anytime

    • Mike S says:

      @Steezy Mobreezy What!!! So you don’t think have said that? People always talking about somebody sold their soul for a paycheck. It’s a damn movie and IN THE MOVIE that got on him about it.

    • Steezy Mobreezy says:

      @Slim jim THIS clown sold his soul talking about Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson for a check and a movie.

    • Slim jim says:

      He is not funny

    • Valerie Williams says:

      Haha, oh, I never thought you were dissing Cedric, I just didn’t get it. Thankyou for setting me straight.

    • Peter Flores says:

      @Valerie Williams thats not at all what I meant. I was saying that I wished Bernie Mac, was still alive so that he could make jokes with Cedric after the Oscars.

  8. Maggie May says:

    It’s hard out here for comedians. They’re my favorite people in the world. There’s obviously more going on with Will and Jada.

    • Ogun Omega (Andre Blount) says:

      @Ann B.Will Smith He didn’t even cheat on his wife his wife did so it’s his wife’s fault.

    • Anime.luv.ray. says:

      So you like comedians who joke about rape huh being Homophobic and using stereotypes

    • Gabrielle W. says:

      @Kyky 101 It was a light-hearted, fluff, cute “short” joke! Whether Chris knew about her condition or not. He said he did not know. I believe him.
      Smiths are full of themselves, but think the public sees their phoney life as they see it. Out of order, and I’m over them even more…

    • Gabrielle W. says:

      @BOSS LADY They both assumed Chris knew about alopecia #1. And he did not. And it was a short light-hearted, fluff, lame joke that even Will laughed at. And my comment is on point in terms of their pretentious sensitivity!
      And Regina Hall’s joke was much more raw, insulting and disrespectful. She down right said dis’d their marriage and told Will come on up with the single men, Jada don’t care. Jada should have slapped her, for sure?
      Bottom line, they are both full of sh*t…

    • BOSS LADY says:

      @Gabrielle W.
      Don’t have nothing to do with her hair and alopecia….. Two totally different subjects😔

  9. joe bagofdoe says:

    WOW I’ve grew up watching these two men and loved them both BUT what Will Smith did was unacceptable. I think it was obvious that Chris was the escape goat (sort of speak) for a man suffering from something other and took advantage of the moment just because he could! Hats off to Chris for taking it like a gentleman. He took that slap like a priest exercises demons and thats what was needed for the time..

    • melda williams says:

      So true he has misplaced anger

    • Zombie Walk says:

      @Ryan A lmao I was like what goat escaped at the Oscar’s? I ain’t see it

    • Ryan A says:


    • Rtc2021 says:

      Next joe bagofdoe interview:
      Says here you need a large bag of doe to exercise these bill demons. You need this job because your wife thinks your the escape goat for unemployment? Is that correct?

      Joe bagofdoe: He’ll yeah!

    • Cain Abel says:

      Real talk, that’s Will Smiths frustration of being disrespected by Jada all these years. Her clowning him, getting dicked down by many other dudes, her obviously raising their kids to be a bunch of weirdos. All that came out at Chris Rock. Now if it was THE Rock, Will Smith would have done nothing.

  10. Humble Driver says:

    Words are painful, violence is criminal. Time and Place for everything after emotions calm. 😌

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