After hitting one million subscribers, Will stops by The Tonight Show to tell Jimmy Fallon all about his new channel. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/BUjQW8

▸ Watch the original Tonight Show segment: https://youtu.be/6ilruZZHbuE
▸ Why I Joined YouTube: https://youtu.be/5tV0zeIUv7g
▸ History of TV Theme Songs: https://youtu.be/kD-_iyS95AQ

Most Recent Videos: https://goo.gl/pqjbrR
Best Of Will Smith: https://goo.gl/P3jjA3

Instagram: https://goo.gl/8mBb1K
Facebook: https://goo.gl/yzifAY

Westbrook Studios | http://westbrookentertainment.com

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Sadao Turner
Editor: Brian Vannucci
Cameras: Jeff Blank, Jimmy Fallon, Aaron Ferguson, Sadao Turner
Drone Operator: Randy Scott Slavin
“Wah What’s Up 3” – Anders Bothén
“Brooklyn Flava 2” – Mattias Andreasson
“Scary Trailer 1” – Jon Björk

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49 Responses

  1. Charlie Quan says:

    I hope Will leaves the Paul Bros in the dust!

  2. Robert Hill says:

    absolute respect will, your different then everyone else in hollywood for this!

  3. Guillermo Platero says:

    His channel blew up in a matter of weeks. Damn.

  4. Gamerster says:

    that horror part tho lmao

  5. Beastmode says:

    Lmao I’m just imagining will smith at vidcon among all the other youTubers

  6. njsamkc says:

    He makes us Happier!

  7. Paul famous says:

    That looks like Will Smith.

  8. BrydellCockyTooFunny says:

    This is truly motivating! I hope to reach 1 mill subs one day 🤞🏾

  9. Aviencloud says:

    Dope funky music in the background (ending) <3

  10. Robert Hill says:

    The rock tried to do what will smith is doing. Will is actually acting like a youtuber, being intimate. Using the camera himself. And bro will your genuinely excited which I like to see! Way to stay personal love it bro keep it up 🤙🏻

  11. Captain Curly says:

    This was so funny

  12. Hard Well says:

    That’s a big ass button. 😂

  13. Marijan Piano says:

    I think Will is going to be the first actor bringing out a fucking badass movie on YouTube

  14. Cassandra Anne says:

    The horror movie part cracked me up 😂😂😂

  15. Zara Syed says:

    Suddenly Will Smith is the best vlogger

  16. SDG Danny says:

    *Will Smith Officially Launches his own YouTube Channel After Passing 1,000,000 Subscribers*
    Now, that is impressive.

  17. PauyKasia says:

    FELICIDADEs Will!!!

  18. Kindness is Beauty says:

    Man.. he’s got so much energy!

  19. Underneath The Bottle says:

    Diamond playbutton? It’ll happen fast 😉

  20. Smile To Play says:

    Will is rich. That means this youtube shit isnt formoney. he’s such a genuine guy

    • Gozmitt says:

      Smile To Play Hey I’m 11 away from the big 1k subs ! Sub to help me hit it !! Have a nice day and join the Squad !

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