Celebration of Life for Earl “DMX” Simmons (Official Livestream)

Celebration of Life for Earl “DMX” Simmons (Official Livestream)

Join the world in celebrating the life of Earl “DMX” Simmons. #LongLiveDMX

DMX Tribute T-Shirt benefitting the Simmons Family: https://dmx-tribute.com/

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42 Responses

  1. MEET Magazine says:

    RIP the legendary DMX! The greatest rapper of all time! All dogs go to heaven! Amen!

  2. Clawzy says:

    #DMX4L 🙏🔥❤

  3. GLW says:

    Back in the day when rappers did not all sound the same. RIP.

  4. IBDASHID says:

    When baby girl did her song…. I loved it. God bless Earl’s family & loved ones. I know they are hurting. As a supporter, I’m hurting. I will forever love him. He had such a genuine soul. #LONGLIVEDMX

  5. Mark C says:

    I posted this on another video but I wanted to share it here. I’m 35 years old and I’m a nerdy Dad from PA. When I was 13, IDAHIH came out. I was bullied by my “friends” I had one friend. One. He made me a cassette tape of that album. We got a lot of snow in PA that winter, and I remember listening to that album over and over. Earl was the tough guy I so desperately wanted to be, but he was so honest about his emotional state.

    All these years later and I still listen to you almost every day Earl. You got me through some of the hardest, formative years of my life. I always thought I’d meet you someday at a book signing and I’d be able to thank you. I’ve never cried over someone I’ve never met. Here I am, all these years later with a wonderful wife, a nice home, a good job, and a beautiful 2 year old daughter.

    Thank you so much for everything, I would truly give almost anything to go back in time and meet you and thank you. I am truly heartbroken.

    • A F says:

      Damn you made me cry

    • Nequa Tizzy says:

      That was beautiful!

    • Tess Stirton says:

      Beautiful from the heart honesty 🖤🖤🦾RIP Errol 🦋 from Teresa

    • yaaab4 says:

      Thank you for sharing such heartfelt testimony.💪🏾 Earl you are surly going to missed My children introduced me your music when they young. In our home it was Tupac Biggie DMX and later on Nipsey Hussle.. Your music was played loud. You were an inspiration to a lot of people including myself. You were one of the realest person you spoke your truth the best way you knew how your music performance!
      RIP king💙💙💙💙💙💙😢

  6. Monica says:

    DMX your life was not in vain. You spoke God’s word whenever and wherever. I know God saw that your heart was good. Bless you brother, take your rest in Heaven.❤️

  7. Patricia Rice says:

    One common thread in his life was his relationship with God, people please don’t miss THAT part. The same way we share his music at parties also share his deep down heartfelt message. Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy or that God doesn’t love you. He does🙂 Rest InPower X.

    • L A says:

      All that just to lose his salvation smoking crack. God says he will hand you over to Satan the more you continue sinning. It’s in the Bible

    • Patricia Rice says:

      @Creola sorceress Reiko I agree that religion is the downfall, rules and regulations is not what a relationship with God is about. God will use anyone to send a message and if the same people that won’t step foot inside of a church for various reasons but have listened to x , well the seed has been planted that they were meant to hear.

    • Lovely Tenise says:

      AMEN! 🙏🏾

    • Patricia Rice says:

      @Houssain Al ahmafi respectfully, please don’t start that in this thread, you and Mike W can debate that and your views somewhere else. I don’t know either of you and I bet you are both amazing guys in your individual lives but this thread is not what you are trying to turn it into. Thank you❤

  8. David Williams-Miller says:

    Kanye and the Sunday Service sent him out right. Like swizz said give me my flowers while i can still smell them. with all these passings it feels like your history is being torn up

  9. Fresh Pressed Juice says:

    DMX is the only person who ive seen pray for his entire audience at any of his concerts. Hes with the angels

  10. VictoriousVKW ! says:

    Procession: 1:12:44
    Service Starts: 2:36:42
    DMX’s children 3:00:50🙅🏾‍♀️
    Music from the choir 3:17:00 🌞
    Nas 3:26:00
    DMX prayer 3:29:00 🙏🏾
    Choir 3:32:00
    RR 3:34:24
    Eve & the RRs 3:39:08
    Swizz Beats 3:46:35
    Closing song and prayer 3:56:00

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