Celtic vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Celtic vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Celtic mark their return to the UCL group stage by hosting the competition’s most successful club and the reigning champions, Real Madrid. 

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45 Responses

  1. SDSD says:

    The different style of attack that was played without Benzema was a lot better than I expected.I hope Hazard can perform this season

    • Nacho Cabrera says:

      @ParallelNative I actually still feel like Vini, still makes a bad decision about 80% of the time on his last touch. Modric only knows how to play with his 3 toes, and man does that guy do it better than anyone else. Valverde just keeps getting better and better. Regarding Hazard, missed an early opportunity to get on the board, but I too wish he plays more and more and better and better. The guy was outstanding at Chelsea, just need to see a bit more of that kind of play style from him.

    • ParallelNative says:

      @Dizzy If he can break in more play time, and play like he did today. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Dizzy says:

      In form hazard is a perfect false 9

  2. Cristian Barrera says:

    Glad Eden finished this game with a goal and an assist, he really needed that.

    • Slice says:

      @miViciouS So just because he didn’t win anything for Belgium he’s not better the Vini? I mean prime all time is hazard currently vini but are u fr saying this when vini is young

    • Agustin Torres says:

      @Cristian Barrera I see why you think Hazard has an assist, but the defender made contact with the ball before Modric scored. No need to look again.

    • Anthony Garcia says:

      He need it , and we need that too really bad ,, if we can get at least 75 % of he was meaning second haft of most of the games we getting some silverware this season again..

    • Your_Moms_Room says:

      He could still go down as the biggest flop in European football history 🤣

  3. D Roman says:

    Hazard started preseason physically fit & injury free. Eden can still realize his potential and achieve the greatness everyone expected. I’m glad he made a good assist and scored. Vamos Madrid- Los Reyes de Europa !!!

  4. Stan Smith says:

    *An a assist and a goal from hazard? Yessir.. great way to start the champions league* 🔥

  5. Kaitane says:

    Great way to start the UCL campaign. Speedy recovery to Benzema and this is why he needs a proper backup for more rest and being prepared for such situations with the multitude of games this season. Great to see Vinicius on target again and Hazard scoring his first UCL goal for the club. Hopefully this gives him confidence. Onto the next game against Mallorca.

  6. Omar D says:

    As a Madrid fan that watched the game Celtic you showed a lot out there and represented yourselves as Scottish champs well great game

  7. AshTraveler R. says:

    This Real Madrid looks soooo strong. Their goal appears so much easier than other teams’ goals.

    • Daniel Beasley says:

      @timkaboya as a madrid fan i agree, started the game a step behind celtic, seemed to come in the match thinking it would be a rout. celtic came out with much higher energy and quality, but that happens sometimes, evantually they were able to show their quality and it was too much. benzema being injured is a bit of a worry but it didnt look too serious, i think the biggest takeaway is hazards performance, he looked much more comfortable without the rods in his ankle

    • timkaboya says:

      What strength do you see here. I see shambolic defending by them. They only woke up in the second half. Celtic forwards were also very poor but they had 5-8 chances that an elite team would take a way. If they played this way against an elite team, they would be fried!
      That being said, Madrid tend to grow as the tournament grows on.

    • R.I.P STEEZ says:

      @A S almost all their players are going, which is crazy. It could disrupt their La Liga campaign but in the UCL they should be good.

    • A S says:

      More so, Madrid’s defense seems 5 times better than what it was last season. They seem fit and ready to play. Hopefully the mid season world cup doesn’t impact the team in a negative manner.

  8. Luca Cartner says:

    Modric will be 37 this Friday. 37. Such a hard working player and is still playing at an extremely high level. Incredible.

    • Nacho Cabrera says:

      There’s a video out there, that talks about how Luka is doing something that has never been done before as a midfielder in Spain. Compares other midfielders careers that usually drop off at 34-35 This dude is about to be FREAKING 37!!!!! crazy crazy.

    • ALL DAY says:

      @Zdenko Pavic And Modric play huge role for Real Madrid success and become world class midfielder. Since 2003-2013 Real Madrid went 10 year without UCL, 2012-13 Modric join and 2 years later Real Madrid win a UCL, 2016-18 3 ucl in a row Modric play a huge role. I say he peak late because at 23-26 he wasn’t considered one of the best midfielder, Modric at 27 start getting better and recognised by fan all over the world.

    • Zdenko Pavic says:

      @ALL DAY the thing is he is 37 and playing for Real Madrid
      Thank you

    • ALL DAY says:

      @VRCMF the thing is he never was the best midfielder in his time in EPL since the moment he join Tottenham until his finale year with them. He never win midfielder of the year etc

    • VRCMF says:

      @ALL DAY no he didn’t peak late 20s lol. He was always this good. And worst signing… yes because he’s not Spanish or German. Statistically he was one of the best players in 2012. Jose even said the fans where not watching him play. He was always top notch. Peak late 20s… he’s ALWAYS been like this.

  9. A S says:

    So happy to see Vini improving his shooting. Two years ago, that shot would have gone in the top stands.

  10. Guaranagaucho says:

    Celtic looked really dangerous, glad to see them playing like this

    • Nacho Cabrera says:

      NGL a little more luck to the Celtic team and would have made it a real match, maybe 1 or 2 of those goals go in. Real usually play really well from behind, those subs have come in clutch the last 5 games down.

    • AaronTheGoon says:

      agree, pretty unlucky most chances in this game

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