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Led by Stephen Curry’s 29 PTS, 6 REB, 4 AST & 3 STL, the Warriors defeated the Celtics in Game 2, 107-88. Jordan Poole added 17 PTS & 3 AST for the Warriors in the victory, while Jayson Tatum tallied 28 PTS, 6 REB & 3 AST for the Celtics. This best-of-seven series is now tied 1-1.
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31 Responses

  1. WeLoveYouTKO says:

    Curry looked like a proud teacher after seeing Poole hit that half court shot at the end of the third this is going to be a good series!

    • John Smith says:

      @ANAND IDEA’S goofy kid Giannis is on pace to be better than you butt daddy lebron…he’s only 27 and already putting better numbers and a champ. He would’ve definitely avg 40 without a doubt against this team. He put up 35ppg against Boston….without his teammates giving him any relief. Against 3 ppl crashing in the paint. Lebron never dealt with that except against Spurs and Mavs who held him to his worse finals….kiddo

    • Travel and Food 😋 says:

      @Fernando Quintana Poole would play great with Trae young in Atlanta 😎

    • Mason Dixon says:

      @Chupap1 Gaming You cant say that when LeBron been constantly putting up good stats for years now other then this year lol. But he a GOAT 🐐 you sound goofy

    • Mason Dixon says:

      @Tony Michael Bruh you don’t watch our games he is a pillar of the team and our reliable 3 point shot you goofy 🤣

  2. TREVRmusic says:

    GP2 brings a special energy to the team. Had to stand and cheer when he came into the game. He’s so scrappy!

  3. TEE BLAST says:

    From Klay coming back to Prove everyone wrong to Gary Payton coming back from an Elbow Fracture This game was so inspiring. Both teams got something to prove!

  4. mikestens says:

    That Poole 3 wasn’t some halfcourt heave, that was a calculated in n out, between the legs, step back from half court. So impressive to watch. It’s also move that I think can only be executed by one other player in the league, and he he was right next to him

    • Mason Dixon says:

      Dame time?

    • Xavier Hart says:

      @Dylan Smiley but isn’t curry 3-1 against LeBron? He only scores when they got the lead but they only have the lead when he doing what he does and when he’s cold the warriors can’t function well and didn’t he just drop 32 ppg 2 years ago above Joel and Bradley beal? But he scored 6 threes in one quarter has the record for most threes In a finals game and dominated more than iggy in 2015 yeah kd definitely outplayed him in 16 and 17 also because he was way more heavily guarded even Tyronn said himself they focused way more on curry 2015 he averged 27 while scoring 37 in one game to get the win he had way better numbers than iggy he is also in the top ten for most points averged in the playoffs with 26.5 lol Larry bird his numbers went down to 22 ppg even Isiah Thomas and plenty other clutch greats numbers went down while Steph’s went up from his career averged

    • JoeBidens_TouchyHands says:

      @Dylan Smiley
      Stephen Curry. 2022 NBA Championship Finals MVP. Get used to it bozo.

    • Dylan Smiley says:

      @JoeBidens_TouchyHands clown curry is going down always been a choke artist and only scores when they got a lead also didn’t kd and iggy carry curry ? Curry zero fmvp curry numbers always drop in the playoffs and finals

  5. SEENO says:

    6:37 Man you gotta love curry. He’s more excited seeing teammates drain the deep 3 than his own.

  6. Manila Randoms says:

    This game by GP II was just inspiring. Coming back from an elbow fracture and showing up big in this game is just amazing. I hope he gets re-signed next year.

    • Marco Jordan says:

      Curry is better than lebron James

    • Marco Jordan says:

      Celtics are done warriors in game 5

    • JoeBidens_TouchyHands says:

      @angel I think we all know this is how game 1 was suppose to go.

      Warriors in 6. Chef about to get his 4th ring to tie LeNeverBJordan but playing with less talent than LeNeverBJordan has over their careers. In one place. In less seasons.

  7. BlitherWinner49 says:

    Poole kept the ground when Curry was on the bench by scoring deep threes. This energy should continue through the finals!

  8. Vulcan Raven says:

    What Curry has managed to do in the NBA despite being shorter than most other elite NBA superstars is unreal. Much respect to him.

    • Raekwaanza says:

      Tbh it’s really not height wise. His stats are no joke, but as a PG you can pretty much expect him to be that height. There are plenty of “all-time” PGs who are around his height. Jerry West, AI, D. Rose (2010), Isaiah Thomas (OG), CP3, etc. Steph is certainly great, but no reason to create accolades out of thin air like he’s Mugsy Bogues lol

  9. Dragonballs375 says:

    4:23 hands down best play in the entire game, Smart bringing the ball up the court

  10. Joel Figueroa says:

    Steph Curry was on fire in this game he’s been making those 3 pointers all day long I love the way how we bounce back from that 22-13 deficit in the 1st Qtr from the Celtics & that Half Court Swish shot at the end of the 3rd Qtr buzzer was money this was a mighty impressive blowout win from my Warriors in Game 2 Whooo!!! Let’s go Dubs!!!

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