CELTICS vs LAKERS | Kyrie Irving Leads Boston In LA | March 9, 2019

CELTICS vs LAKERS | Kyrie Irving Leads Boston In LA | March 9, 2019

The Celtics defeated the Lakers tonight in Los Angeles by a final score of 120-107 for their 3rd consecutive win. Kyrie Irving tallied 30 points (12-18 FG, 5-8 3pt FG), 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks for the Celtics, while Marcus Smart added 16 points, 5 assists and 2 steals in the game. LeBron James recorded his 7th triple-double of the season and 80th of his career with 30 points (13-23 FG), 12 assists and 10 rebounds in the losing effort. The Celtics totaled 32 assists on 48 made field goals and shot 51.6% from the floor as a team. With the win, the Celtics improve to 41-26, while the Lakers fall to 30-36 on the season.

?: Celtics vs. Clippers ?: Mar. 11, 10:30pm/et ?: NBATV

?: Lakers vs. Bulls ?: Mar. 12, 10pm/et ?: NBC Sports Chicago/Spectrum SportsNet

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71 Responses

  1. QMaster says:

    Huh, fast upload..

  2. mr.muggsey ._.viivii says:

    Yo kyrie lets go he is mad good 30 points 5 threes just dont guard him cuz ya cant

  3. The Josh O Show says:

    Lakers right now: Operation tank for Zion Williamson in full effect

    -Josh Otusanya

  4. England Garlock says:

    Bro Kyrie so smooth ????

  5. MrUHOH415 says:

    Everyone, point and laugh at the Lakers…

  6. Angel Five says:

    Celtics let’s go!!!!??

    • MrUHOH415 says:

      This west coast trip has done wonders for the Celtics…. they gave the evil empire one of the worst losses in the Kerr era, beat a very game Kings team, and like the Red Sox and the Patriots, own Los Angeles sports teams

    • Angel Five says:

      +MrUHOH415 Big Facts?

  7. p Plains says:

    Kyrie is a master at handling the ball!

  8. Jr Torres says:

    I’m lakers fan we done no playoffs again ?

  9. Mike Sharon says:

    Kyrie the best handler of all time

  10. Chris Benham says:

    See, Kyrie can help his team move the ball and score 30. That’s what they need. It’s called making good decisions.

  11. Chris B says:

    LeBron is no Jordan.

  12. Layupzz says:

    Is it just me or is the lakers crowd dressed apart?

  13. GodOf Destrction says:

    Uncle Drew???

  14. Steve Kim says:

    lakers g league players playin their hearts out. laker fans in the stadium appreciated it. johnathan williams, alex caruso

    • Jon Stanger Jazz says:

      Sure…. Nothing like paying $2,500 to watch G-leaguers play…. especially when garbage time began at half.

  15. Troi McClary says:

    Remember Lakers fans thinking they were winning the championship this season lol.

  16. Raynard Williams-Martinez says:

    Shanno Sharpe and Nick wright are crying their eyes out. Kyrie’s efficient game? lmaoo

  17. DataGuy says:

    0:53 McGee fortunate he made that shot after snatching LeBron’s pass, LeBron’s reaction though ?

  18. Jules Winnfield says:

    LeBron gave up when he got injured. I knew it was over when he sat out against The Warriors. He don’t seem to give a damn.

  19. July Stylez says:

    LeBron James stats and points doesn’t mean anything anymore with these losses

  20. br 1251 says:

    Cheer up Lakers fans…….

    LeBron got a triple double ?‍♂️

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